Monday, November 21, 2005

Our first Halloween

We decided to carve pumpkins together, Ja went with the wicked cut-out because of his favorite musical. I went with the bat hanging from a cave. We really liked our jack o' lanterns. Ja also kept with his childhood Halloween tradition and stuffed a dummy that was holding a pumpkin bowl as his head. We put candy in the bowl and our neighbors loved the treat. We even had a Halloween party. Everyone we invited came and then some! We had a costume contest and lots of food. Our treats were pumpkin guts (spiced pumpkin seeds), frog eye salad, eyeballs (peanut butter balls painted to look like eyes) and pumpkin bread. At the end of the night we watched Ichabod Crane.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Our Story

Ja and I met in Provo. We were in the same singles ward and Ja being the person he is was very social so we all got to know him. Ja's rule of thumb was to not date any girl that was in his ward, that meant me. Luckily for us, after returning from Christmas break we found out our ward was split. We were no longer in the same ward. There is a reason why Pride and Prejudice is our favorite book, it is the story of our relationship. Ja liked me from the get-go and it took me longer to have the same feelings. Ja was always a gentleman and one day couldn't hold his feelings in any longer and his feelings burst out like Mr. Darcy's. I, like Elizabeth, was taken back. I wasn't as rude as her though. Then I saw my Pemberley, met the family, saw the grounds and fell in love. The rest is history.