Thursday, April 30, 2015

The rest of April

April 30- Macy had a kindergarten orientation at Barnette. She was thrilled and asked me everyday for a week how many more days she had to wait. We went to a classroom had a teacher talk to us about the school, planted some flower seeds, got a bag with informational papers, got a Barnette magnet for the car, and saw a bunch of friends from preschool. She was so excited!

Macy still loves to hold Owen. 

I love taking pictures of Owen and his cute facial expressions. 

Macy, Parker, and Owen. 

Macy had an outdoor tea party with her best friends Anna and Alyssa. 

The two besties. 

April 22- we had an earth day celebration at Alyssa's house. We made earth cupcakes, painted globes, and colored a book about the earth. 

Anna enjoyed her Earth cupcake. 

We planted two raised garden beds! We planted corn, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, basil, and cilantro. 

I took Owen outside with me one day to pull weeds. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Owen's 4 month appointment

Owen had his 4 month appointment this morning. He is doing well! Here are his stats:

Height 25.5 inches (55th percentile)

Weight 14 pounds 8.5 ounces (23rd percentile)

Head circumference 44.5 cm (98th percentile)

He has a big head! It goes along with his big, happy, smiley personality! Owen is so happy and loves having people talking to him. Macy says his middle name is screaming baby because he's started squealing when he talks. 

Owen still hates tummy time but lifts his head up (sometimes). He doesn't last long before crying and I pick him up. 

He sleeps really well at night. He'll sleeps about 8 hours straight then another 1-2 hours after I feed him. He'll take a 3 hour nap in the afternoon. He's the best baby!

We all love our little Owen so much! He is such a joy to have around and makes everyone around him happy. I love my little guy!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Helpful Macy

Macy was so helpful today! She asked to get a cupcake for some reason so I told her she had to do 3 chores first. 

The chores were going to be cleaning her bathroom and vacuuming her room (my choices) and washing the dishes (her choice). She said she didn't want to clean the bathroom so I had her vacuum the whole upstairs instead. 

It was very comical to watch her vacuum. There isn't a method to her madness. She goes all over the place which results in her getting twisted up in the cord. I had to cover my face so she wouldn't see me laughing. It was very cute too. 

She washed a few dishes and was very thorough with the rinsing. She also put a very dishes in the dishwasher. 

Anna said she wanted a cupcake too so I said she could help me with the bathroom. She agreed but declined when it actually came to cleaning. 

I took Macy to Harris Teeter to get a cupcake but she ended up choosing a black and white cookie. She only ate the half with vanilla frosting and gave the chocolate half to me. It was a pretty large cookie so only eating half was still plenty. 

Later in the afternoon we practiced writing letters and coloring. Anna was getting upset about something so Macy made her happy again by chasing her around the house. They love doing this together. 

Tonight, Macy read books to Anna and sang her a song. "Jesus loves all the little children for the bible tells me so" I loved listening to them in the room together. Macy is a very sweet girl and loves to do "mommy" things.  Ja said he hopes they will always be friends like this. 

The girls drew pictures on the counter while Ja did dishes. Anna likes to live on the edge. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Owen's accomplishment today!

Owen usually hates tummy time and rubs his face on the blanket but not today! He lifted his head quite high! We all cheered him on by clapping and saying "good job Owen!" I was so proud!

Anna was so proud too. She was yelling in his face telling him he was doing a good job. 

This cutie potootie will be 4 months old in two days! I can't believe it!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Macy 1st babysitting job

Today Macy had her first "babysitting" job. There is a little girl named Emma in our ward who is 2. Macy really likes her and plays with her whenever we see her. Emma really likes Macy too and follows Macy around. I remember Macy being little and having older girls she loved to follow around and I thought it was so nice when the older girl entertained Macy. I can't believe Macy is now the "older" girl doing the entertaining. I think Macy likes to have someone to have her follow her. Emma is two (younger than Anna) but taller than Anna so maybe Macy thinks she's older than Anna. Whatever the reason Emma's mom, Katie, sees how helpful Macy is with Emma and how much Emma enjoys Macy's company.

Katie hired Macy to come play with Emma yesterday morning. I dropped Macy off at 10 and I picked her up at noon. Macy packed a bag with coloring books, crayons, and The Little Mermaid. Katie said they played really well together. We did it to give Katie a break since her husband works a lot. Emma was so excited to see Macy. All day Thursday Macy asked, "Is it night time yet? I want to babysit Emma!" She was thrilled to be the "authority" figure and babysit. Even though Katie was at home I told Macy she was in charge of Emma. Macy must have done well because Katie paid her $4!

On another note, I found a gray hair on my head tonight!!! I can't be old enough for that!! Instantly Macy said, "You're going to be a grandma!" Thanks Macy, that makes me feel good.

Later, she was getting pretty sad and I figured out it was because she was sad I'm going to be a grandma. Once I explained I won't be one for a loooong time (until she has a baby) she seemed happier. Kids are funny.