Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Really Funny Story

Last weekend my brother-in-law went on his first father and sons outing with all three of his boys. It made for a really funny story and you can read it here. I had to post it because I laughed so hard I cried when I read it. Even if you've never met them it's a great story!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Shoes and I

Today a girl at work commented on my shoes and how she has loved all of them I've worn. Then she asked me if I am a shoe person. I am definitely a shoe person. I don't have a whole lot, and they aren't that nice, but I love them. In high school I had over 20 pairs of shoes. I think I got my love of shoes from my dad because he was always buying new shoes when I was growing up. Most of my shoes are from Payless because at this point in life I like to buy shoes but don't have the money to buy expensive ones. If I have a bad day I can go shoe shopping and feel so much better! And, unlike clothes, shoes always fit! I have more but these are my favorite.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Top ten things that have happened lately

1. I threw a baby shower for my good friend Chelsey. It was a fun shower. I should say reunion because most of the people were in our ward and now most of us have moved away. Out of the 15 people there 13 of them have kids, and there were at least 8 babies there. Chelsey is due November 7th and I keep hoping he'll be 3 days early and come November 4th. 

2. Ja has started making mini movies for his accounting honors society, BAP. You can check them out on our Web Gallery (the link is on the right side of the blog). He's very creative and everyone loves them. He'll be making a few more soon. The next ones are going to be modeled after the Ali G videos, and the Mac vs. PC commercials.

3. Grandma has been telling us so many stories from her life. Tonight we found out she used to live on an Indian Reservation for a little while. Her and her mom were afraid of the Indians and didn't like being near them. One day Grandma went to the store and there were Indians inside. The Indians knew she was afraid of them so they locked her in a room. She was screaming her head off until her brother came to save her.

4. I'm still working at Costume Craze. It's getting really crazy since October started today. It's not a horrible job yet, most people are still pretty nice and reasonable on the phone. But there are still those crazy maniacs who yell and swear at you.

5. Ja got a calling in the ward, he now plays the piano in Elder's Quorum. He thought he was asked to only play once, then they called him to the calling in Elder's Quorum. He's glad he has an extra week to practice his hymns this week. 

6. The other day Ja was walking home from school and caught Grandma watering the plants outside. He asked her what she was doing, then she dropped the hose and pretended she wasn't doing anything. 

7. I planned a visit back home in November. I somehow had enough points on Southwest to get a free flight, but it had to be used by December 3rd. Since my job is over October 31st I planned a trip after. I'm really excited to go home!

8. Ja has been home so much lately! It's the greatest thing. We actually had time to watch a movie Monday night. This semester is so much more fun than last semester. 

9. Ja has 2 more interviews for a new position he wants at PwC. It's for the People and Change division and he would be doing more advisory than auditing. The first one went well, and the man told him they are trying to hire more BYU students on their team. If he gets this job we wouldn't be moving to Virginia until June, so CA here we come!

10. Last week we enjoyed some free dinners thanks to the PwC. Wednesday we had dinner at the Marriott hotel. It was one of their recruiting dinners and Ja and I felt so great that he was wearing a PwC name tag instead of just a BYU name tag. Thursday a partner from the Washington D.C. office took all the summer interns to Tucano's for dinner. That place is a nice expensive place with really good food so it's nice when someone else pays for it.

And that's it for now!