Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015

Here are some pictures from January that I haven't already shared.

Anna is exercising on the rings Ja put out in the backyard.

It looks like Owen didn't like what was said.

I watched these six kids for an hour and a half. It was a piece of cake! At least for the few minutes this scene lasted. Kinzley, Colton, Alyssa, Macy, Owen, Anna

Macy and Anna made me breakfast again. Yum! ;) This time it was flour, sugar, and water. There might have been spinach too.

I love it when Macy wants to hold Owen for me. She is such a big helper.

Anna loves reading to Owen.

Anna did not want me to take this picture. Can you tell?

Anna wanted to buy this bracelet kit at Hobby Lobby. We took a picture of it instead to put on her Christmas list. I thought this shot was so cute of her face and hands.

Ja went out of town for work for a few days. These girls were my morning alarm.

We had a few warm days so we went to a couple of parks. Macy loved this "obstacle course" at Jetton park. Anna, not so much. She fell through the stairs.

Macy at Robbins park.

This picture sums up the relationship between Macy, Owen, and Anna. The girls love him and want to be touching him at all times.

I reupholstered our rocking chair for Owen. It's not perfect but it was my first time making covers for cushions. I actually finished it before Thanksgiving (which was my goal!!)

Owen looking so dapper for church.

Like father like son.

 Anna had a few days when she loved washing the dishes. Only one glass was broken.

This was a project of Macy's. She brought the red lion home from preschool. I guess she decided it needed legs. She found the paper, drew the legs, cut them out, and glued them on the lion ALL BY HERSELF! This was huge for her and very clever.

Macy's preschool friend Allie.

Macy made this dress for Anna out of scraps of fabric and painters tape (her favorite medium right now).

Daddy is so talented and strong! Is there anything he can't do?

Owen hanging out in Anna's chair.

And he's asleep... but not for long with Anna around.

 Macy likes to have her hair braided after a bath at night so she can have wavy hair in the morning. 

Macy's 5 year old appointment

Dr. Lillian Ferdinands
Height 3 ' 7" 57th percentile
Weight 36 lb 6.4 oz 24th percentile
BP 82/58

Owen at 6 weeks old

Height 22.5inches 72nd percentile
Weight 9 lb 13 oz 25th percentile
Head circumference 15.93 inches 86th percentile

Ja and I were commenting on how long Owen seemed and now we know he is long! His weight is better than the girls was. Hopefully people won't comment on how skinny he is and always ask if he eats. 

In fact Owen is a good eater. He's getting the hang of the nursing thing. I don't often have to give him a bottle after nursing anymore. He's able to drink what he needs.

Although he doesn't sleep longer than 4 hours at night the nights are getting better. For one, I don't have to pump every feeding and finishing feeding him with a bottle. Two, he's falling asleep faster each time which means for sleeping time for me. Don't get me wrong- I'm 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Things Macy said

Our bishop in Virginia passed away a couple weeks ago from brain cancer. I was telling Ja about it and how sad the situation is. Macy cuts in, "but he's happy because he gets to be with Jesus." 

You are so smart Macy. Thanks for putting things in perspective.

Today she brought it up again and said, "I hope he takes a picture of Jesus. No a video!" I think she wants to know what Jesus looks like. 

Yesterday Macy was holding Owen while watching a movie. Owen gives a very loud poop in his diaper. Macy, still looking at the TV, says, "that's my boy! That's my boy!" I have no idea where she got that but it was hilarious!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Granny Dot came to visit

Dorothy came January 7-14 to help with Owen and the girls. I didn't take too many pictures because either she was off with the girls or we were having too much fun. 

It was so nice to have a third adult to help again. My mom was helping us out for two weeks so I really felt helpless when she left and Ja went back to work. Dorothy played with the girls, took them to the movies, to lunch, and to preschool. She was a huge help cleaning the house too. 

I think every time Dorothy comes to visit the girls want her to put her rollers in their hair. Anna sat very still and was patient. After Dorothy finished Anna pulled them out herself. Macy already had her turn but I didn't get a picture. 

Here is Granny Dot with all three kids. The girls were being so silly and making faces. 
Here I asked the girls not to smile and I got normal smiles. 

Owen's first photo with Granny Dot. 

When my mom left both girls were very sad. As my mom started walking into the airport Anna holds out her arms and says, "No, Gamma!" She didn't want her to go. Macy was about to cry so I told her grandma will be coming back in March for Owen's blessing. Macy said, "I want her to come back tomorrow!" 

They were also sad when Dorothy left. Macy wanted her to stay longer. 

I was definitely sad when they both left. Who would make dinner? Who would hold Owen when he's fussy? Who will clean my house? How can I take a nap? How will I survive with three kids?!

One day at a time I guess.