Thursday, November 26, 2009


My sister-in-law Tiffany and I took a beginning sewing class and we both made curtains. We finished a week before the class ended we were so fast. Here is the finished project. They look very professional. The teacher showed us the best way to make curtains and it wasn't very hard either. I'm very happy with them. It's nice to have them hanging, that was a lot of fabric to lug around.

A Sneak Peak

We are still working on getting our new place set up so I only have empty condo pictures. I figured you've waited long enough so see something.

Our light blue bedroom: It now has a great king size bed with great bedding and night stands that Jonathan built last night.

The baby's light yellow room: The crib on the floor is now built and set up with all her bedding.
The cream living room: Is finally clear of all boxes. It has a desk with my computer on office stuff on it that Jonathan built, a TV stand (that Ja made) with a great new TV on it, bookshelves (that Jonathan put together). We get our couch on Saturday.

The dining nook: Now has a great counter height table that fits six chairs. We love that table. I only have four placemats so I'll have to work on getting six.
We are working on getting our pictures set up once our couch gets positioned. I'll post more pictures later!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby Decorations

I received a Cricut Expression for my birthday and I was finally able to use it today. I wanted to make some artwork for the baby's room. This was very easy to do with my "Special Delivery" Cricut cartridge. I was lucky to have the perfect paper already to match the crib bedding. Here are the final products:

The two that say "dream" and "little one" are my favorite.

We have half of the baby's room set up and we are loving it. There's nothing on the walls yet, but there will be soon. Here is a sneak peak of her room. I painted the walls a light yellow and the crib and dresser are white. The bedding is dark pink, light pink, green, yellow, and a hint of light blue. It's still hard for me to imagine my own baby sleeping in the crib, it doesn't quite feel real yet. We are very excited and love looking at her cute room.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Belly Picture Time

I'm now 8 months along! Only 56 more days to go. I'm feeling pretty good. I'm sleeping much better than I was, but now it's a burden to bend over and tie my shoes.

7 months 8 months