Thursday, October 21, 2010

Macy at the Mall

We were going to go for a walk with Macy's friend Grant, but it rained at the exact time of our walk! We were bummed, but we headed over to the mall to walk around there. We stopped at the "Kids Corner" for some final fun. Here is Macy and her friend.
Macy sitting on top the whale

Macy trying to climb up the slide. We haven't taught her playground rules yet.

We also haven't taught Macy to read yet. It says "Grant" Macy!

They were both getting tired so I stopped trying for a picture once they were both facing the camera.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Laura Sighting!

A friend emailed me saying she found my picture on a website for toddler activities. The funny thing is, my picture was on an ad for "Todays Military." How many preschoolers want to join the military?

Thanks for sharing Amber!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Macy loves Lily

Macy's cousin Lily was over to watch conference (well, she actually slept through the whole thing) and Macy couldn't get enough of her. She was constantly crawling up to Lily and either staring at her or grabing her feet. Luckily Lily had her feet pulled towards her body so Macy was only grabbing her pajama feet.

Macy watching General Conference before Lily came. She couldn't get enough.

I would take Macy away and try to get her to play with something else and she would crawl right over to Lily. It was very cute. When the camera was pulled out to take a picture Macy knew exactly what to do, smile!

Macy's cute squat to view Lily.

We also found out that Macy loves to be involved in the party. Greg, Caleb, Jeff, Tiffany, and Lily were over last night and we couldn't get Macy to go to sleep when they were here. She would cry and cry until I brought her out to the living room. Then she was happy again. As soon as everyone left she fell asleep.