Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Macy Movie!

It's been too long since our last movie! So here you go, get comfortable and watch our cute little Macy!

Here is the link to our web gallery. It's the movie titled "Macy's New Tricks."


Last wednesday Ja and I went to the U2 concert in Baltimore with Greg, Holly, and Jacob. We really had Jacob to thank for it because his new favorite band is U2 so we all tagged along with him. On the way there I asked Jacob what song he wanted U2 to sing and he said Mysterious Ways. That was the second song they played and he was so happy. They played all my favorite songs too (With or Without You, One, and Beautiful Day). I realized I'm not a big fan of their most recent music so it was great they played a lot of oldies. The crowd was always happiest when early U2 songs.
The screen came down for a few songs and covered the whole stage.
Ja and I decided Baltimore is a little too far away (we didn't get back until 1:15 a.m.). Fortunately we had a great babysitter who didn't mind being out so late. We were so grateful because we had a really fun night!

A Quilt for My Grandma

I was in the mood for a big project so I got some quilting books from the library so I could try a new pattern. I found this book which taught me about jelly roll quilts. I decided on the garden bouquet pattern which turned out to be harder than any quilt I have ever done before. Just the cutting alone took about 9 hours! However, like many things in life, the harder you work the better the results. Here is a picture of the squares all laid out.

It took 7 steps to complete each square. Having the jelly roll fabric was great because the fabric is already cut into 2 1/4 inch pieces. I only had to cut it the length I needed. As for the actual quilting part I only did stitch in the ditch. I hate free motion quilting because I can never get the tension right. Here is the final project. 


My grandma said she really likes the quilt and put in on her couch so she can brag to all her friends about it. Someone asked me if it was hard to give something away that took so much effort and time for me to make. It wasn't hard because I know who I gave it to deserves something special. And I know my grandma will appreciate all the hard work that went into making this for her.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Little Heavyweight

If you have ever seen Macy, seen a picture of Macy, or even heard of Macy you'll know she is not a heavyweight. Our trip to the doctor on Friday confirmed this for us. Here are Macy's 18 month stats:

Weighs 20 lbs 10 ounces
31 3/4 inches long
18 inch head circumference

Your 8 month old baby probably weighs more than her. I couldn't believe how light she was. I thought the scale was broken. I was expecting at least 23 pounds. Heavyweight or not, she is still the cutest and sweetest little girl. She is so playful now and loves to be chased and to chase others. She also plays her own version of tag. Her friend Grant was over on Wednesday and she grabbed him around the waist, said something in Toddler-ese and ran away. He must have understood her because he ran after her. They had a great time taking turns being "it." Macy is so grown up now she is ready for work! She wanted to be hands-free so she can drive while working.

In other big news, today was Macy's first day of nursery all by herself! She didn't cry. We got a report from a girl in our class who helps in the nursery who said Macy wouldn't sit down when she was supposed to (never does) and tried to take other kids floor mats and put them away (she's always so tidy, not). I can't believe my baby is already 18 months old. Is it sad to say I didn't miss her while sitting quietly still in Relief Society? I did miss her, but I also enjoyed sitting by myself not worrying about a little wiggly girl on my lap. Church is a whole new experience now! When I went to pick her up she was walking around the nursery room with her hands clasped behind her back watching the other kids play and get picked up. She also did not cry when she saw me. Knock on wood, but I think this nursery thing is going to work out!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pony Brushes His Teeth

Pony Brushes His Teeth (Hello Genius) (Book) ~ Michael Dahl (Author) Cover Art

We checked this book out from the library and Macy loves it. It shows how Pony brushes his teeth just like his dad does. He picks the toothbrush, puts toothpaste on, brushes up and down, round and round. Then he fills his mouth with water and spits the water out. Here is the last page:

Pony spits the water at his dad. The first few times reading it Macy actually laughed. Then she pointed at Pony then at his dad and gave a tiny chuckle. Now when I pull the book out she quickly turns through all the pages (faster than I can read them) to get to the last page. She still points at Pony and dad and gives her little "Uh? Uh?" talk. She hasn't shown this much interest in a book before. I think it's cute. The author (Michael Dahl) also writes other books with similar titles. I'm curious to know what happens in Duck Goes Potty

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Macy's First Over the Ocean Flight

Can you guess where we went? See if you can tell by the end of the post.

Jonathan's parents were kind enough to take some of us on a trip. We went with Tiffany, Lily, Henry, Devin, and Deanna. Henry and Macy played pretty well together despite the fact they don't really know each other, but I guess that doesn't matter when you're kids.

We did a lot of relaxing on this trip. Since we've been there before we didn't mind just hanging out at the hotel pool and ocean right behind the hotel. Macy loved the pool right away and the kiddie pirate ship. we were all waking up early around 4, 5, or 6 am. This meant we were in bed by 8:30 or 9 pm. We usually got in naps during the day too. We were spoiled. 

It was hard to take pictures because we were usually wet or in the sand. We did manage to get a few pictures.
Relaxing on the hammock. 

Macy learned to hula.

First time in the ocean, not a huge fan.

Not a huge fan of the sand at first either.

Her favorite dolphin to ride.

By now she LOVED the ocean. She laughed and laughed when waves would crash on her.

She also loved the sand at this point.

It was so fun to watch her.

A few of my favorite memories are Macy starting to take 3 hour naps (she is continuing this at home too, knock on wood), Macy and Henry jumping on the bed together, actually exercising on vacation, all the time we got to spend alone because someone else watched Macy, eating shave ice and learning they are not all created equal, seeing the Warren and Annabelle Magic show (hilarious!), the warm breeze, watching Macy enjoy the ocean immensely, playing with Macy in the pool, and watching Macy play with a pool noodle in our hotel room.

I think Macy's favorite memory was of the smoothies. After getting one once from the pool bar, every time we walked past the bar she would point and say, "Uh, uh, uh!" Luckily her Papa is nice enough to indulge her and get her more smoothies. 

It was definitely sad to come home after our wonderful trip to Maui.

Did you guess right?