Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Last wednesday Ja and I went to the U2 concert in Baltimore with Greg, Holly, and Jacob. We really had Jacob to thank for it because his new favorite band is U2 so we all tagged along with him. On the way there I asked Jacob what song he wanted U2 to sing and he said Mysterious Ways. That was the second song they played and he was so happy. They played all my favorite songs too (With or Without You, One, and Beautiful Day). I realized I'm not a big fan of their most recent music so it was great they played a lot of oldies. The crowd was always happiest when early U2 songs.
The screen came down for a few songs and covered the whole stage.
Ja and I decided Baltimore is a little too far away (we didn't get back until 1:15 a.m.). Fortunately we had a great babysitter who didn't mind being out so late. We were so grateful because we had a really fun night!

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