Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Conversations I never thought I'd have

Today in the car:

Macy: mommy I have a booger. 

Me: give it to me and I'll throw it away. 

Macy: no, I want to play with it. 

Me: we don't play with boogers. They have germs.

Macy: hey, where my booger go? (Searching for it)It's ok, I get another one. (Starts picking her nose)
I got one! (Raises her booger proudly)

Growing up in February

First off, can you believe Anna is 6 months old this month?! Where has the time gone? My baby is growing up way to fast!

Macy loves to play at the Lego store.
Anna loved the stroller. She was upright and mobile.

Anna got pushed around in the doll stroller.

Playing school. It was snack time.

 We took two trips to the American Indian Museum in DC. There is a great kid area that Macy loved. The first time we spent almost 4 hours and the second time we spent 3 hours there. Macy's favorite part was cooking the pretend fish in the little hut.

Macy also liked building this igloo. Her and Grant called it their house. Macy said, "I want to hold his hand mommy."

We were at a friend's house and Macy sat in her chair with this play computer. She said she was Ja and I had to ask her what she was doing. She replied, "I working mommy." Just like daddy.

the flash is still too bright for Anna

Anna is very interested in food, even green smoothies

Macy got her first pair of ballet slippers. leotard to come soon.

Macy likes to cook in her evening wear.

Ja knows what it's like to feed twins.

Saturday morning snowman craft with daddy

Anna  can stand in the crib. With help up.

Anna enjoying tummy time.
 One day in order to get Macy in big girl underwear we had to put some on Anna too.

They were a little big.

That wraps up the month. We ended it on a good note because we finally purchased a sound machine for the girls room. We should have done it 6 months ago! Now Macy stays asleep all night and doesn't budge when Anna wakes up at night. Our days are so much happier and not filled with tantrums anymore. Poor Macy was so tired for a few months! Happy kids makes for a happy home.

My goal for March is to take pictures with me in them! I don't have any with me, Macy and Anna.

"I potty trained?"

That is the question Macy asked when Ja told someone on the phone that Macy was being potty trained. I think it's so cute. And the best part is, the answer is YES!!!

I was a little embarrassed Macy was taking so long to go pee in the toilet. However, I am so glad I didn't push it when she wasn't ready because it literally took all of one day. She always tells me when she has to go and has only had one accident (which was partly my fault). She has even gone in public, at other people's house, and #2!

I still have to talk her into wearing big girl underwear every morning though. I'm not ready to tackle over night potty training yet so she still wears a diaper to bed.

I had her put a sticker for every time she went pee in the potty on her little chart. I didn't expect things to go as smoothly so she filled that sucker in in only 4 days. She has earned a trip to Chuck e Cheese tomorrow! She's so excited and mentions it frequently.

She's wearing her princess dress she earned for going #2 in the potty.
I am so proud of her and still get excited each time she pees in the toilet. She is so proud of herself too and gets a big smile each time she goes.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Macy went potty!

Macy went potty in the toilet today for the first time! She was so proud of herself just like I knew she would be. There was some screaming (I want my diaper mommy!) and crying, but not as much as I thought there would be.

I would see her hold herself and that's how I knew she needed to go soon. We rushed to the toilet, she could cry asking for her diaper, scream when I put her on the toilet, then after more crying she would go. She would stop crying and look at me with big eyes and say, "I go potty mommy!" Then I would hear the tinkle. I cheered for her and clapped. She liked flushing and waving bye-bye to the pee.

I had signed Macy up for a ballet class and I told her she has to go pee pee in the potty before going to ballet class. For a month I've been trying to get Macy to use the potty and threatened to cancel the class if she doesn't go. She replied, "it's ok mommy. I go pretend ballet class." (We have pretend class at home.) After going for the first time she got really excited and said, "Now I go to real ballet class mommy!" She was paying attention :)

Dorothy came over tonight to watch the girls and Macy even went potty with her. She told Dorothy, "I wipe then I wash my hands." I'm so proud she already got that down!

I bribed her to pee with a pretend play doctors coat and tools. She had seen it at the store a few days ago and I told her she can have it after using the potty. After she went twice we went to the mall to purchase it. While we were at the store she noticed a princess dress she wanted. Ja told her if she goes poop on the potty she can get it. There's a chart in the bathroom and if she fills each square with a sticker then she earns a trip to Chuck e cheeses. I had to say that because she didn't want to sit on the toilet more than once. This potty training thing is getting expensive.

She had 4 successful potty trips and only one accident. I am so proud of her. Hopefully tomorrow can be just as successful.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Melts my heart

Although Macy has her fair share of tantrums and can be very mentally and physically draining, she is still sweet at heart.

Yesterday we went to the mall attempting to tire her out so she won't wake up so many times in the night. As we were walking along she said, "I want to hold your hand mommy." So cute.

Then she looks up at me and says, " we are friends mommy. Best friends." So sweet. I love when she says that.

Then she looks at me again and says, "I love you mommy."

I'm so glad my sweet little Macy is still in there some where and comes through sometimes. That's what makes parenting worth it.

That and that every time I look at Anna she gives me a big toothless grin and will always hold my finger.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

We had a great Valentine's day this year. It started off great with a Disney on Ice show at the Verizon center. Macy and I went with some friends and we all had a really good time. Ja was kind enough to watch Anna for me.

We took the metro there and Macy liked riding the train. She did get a little concerned when we went underground. She kept asking, "How we get out mommy?" I told her we would get off the train and go up really big escalators.

We had really good seats up front. My friend Debbie got tickets for us and they were awesome and cheap! I took this picture of us with my phone. Macy was extremely happy but it's poor quality.

Then she wouldn't look forward for the real camera! Stinker! Oh well, at least you get to see her super cute pigtails and bows.

 Does Macy like cotton candy? Does cotton candy have sugar in it? :) Yes? Then Macy loves it.

Macy, Izzy, and Nolan
 Macy begged for Tangled the whole time and the last number was the lantern song from Tangled. I was relieved they had Tangled and figured Macy would be happy. But then she kept asking for the mudder (mother) from Tangled! Geez. She quickly forgot about that one though and enjoyed the rest of the show.

The kids all loved the show and I thought it was really fun too. Afterwards we walked over to Potbelly's for lunch then headed home. Except Macy and I got on the blue metro instead of orange so our trip was an extra 45 minutes. Oh well, Macy loved being on the trains.

That night for dinner I made pink pancakes with strawberries, heart shaped toast, and pink milk. Macy was a little put off my the pink milk at first but eventually drank it.

 It was a fun day!

Ja and I couldn't celebrate Valentine's on the 14th so we celebrated on the 15th. Ja probably doesn't want me posting this but I thought  all the things he did that day were so nice I want to write them down. He can be a real romantic! We never talked about celebrating it at all so when the 14th came and went I figured we wouldn't be doing anything. However, on the 15th Ja told me we were going out that night and he already had a babysitter! (finding a sitter is my least favorite part of going out)

All throughout the day he texted me romantic movie clips or love song music videos. I got a new one every hour! It was fun to get them and see which clips he picked out. He had my favorite Lindt chocolates waiting for me in the car that morning and when we got back from play group there were flowers and a card on the table.

Then, we surprised me with a 1-hour massage. He took time off of work so I could get the massage that day. It was relaxing.

That night we drove out to Thai Basil in Chantilly. I've told Ja all about this place since I first went there probably two years ago. It was so delicious, I could eat it every night. We got chicken satay skewers, pad thai, and massaman curry. And sticky rice with mango for dessert of course. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Then we came home and Ja had my favorite ice cream waiting and a movie.

I thought the whole day was very romantic and fun. Ja was very thoughtful! All I got him was a journal that we write one line a day to remember the nice things the other does for us. I thought it would be fun to look back on. I'm not sure how he will be able to top this Valentine's Day! It was a really good one!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Macy's Voice

Not only does Macy have a very sweet voice (when she's not whining or crying) but she has started to say the funniest things. I think I'm really going to like her personality when she gets older!

I think I've posted this one before but I still think it's so cute: "I'm being prayerful mommy." Prayerful = careful. She says this a lot when she is lying on top of Anna or hitting her stomach. Yeah, real careful Macy.

Her newest and most repeated saying right now is: "Hi Anna (or whomever), what's your name?" She says it rather quickly and with a little silliness in her voice. She says it to Anna the most. That's funny for two reasons, obviously Macy knows Anna's name and Anna can't respond. Macy can be heard saying this at all times of the day.

During Christmas vacation and for a few weeks after Macy's saying was: "Welcome to my day!" She would say it randomly and enthusiastically.  And usually in sets of two.

For a few days Macy has been calling me Mama. I've always been mom or mommy. That isn't necessarily funny in itself but she usually says this: "Mama, where you going mommy?" or "Mama, can we play princess mommy?" It's as if she likes the sound of mama. She also calls me grandma when she's really silly.

When Anna sleeps in the same room as Macy at night, Macy will climb into the crib in the morning and play with Anna. It's very sweet and it buys me a few more minutes to close my eyes before having to go get them. Macy is helpful and takes Anna's sleep sack off too. She will often say, "Mama, me and baby awake!" That's when I know I have to go in their room.

I love that although Macy is in a toddler bed and fully capable of getting out herself she still calls for me to open the door to let her out of the room. "Where are you mommmmmyyyy??" Still makes me laugh,

The other day we were playing and I asked Macy where she got something. Her answer: "My prince made it for me." She's already dreaming of princes.

Right up there with "Hi Anna, what's your name?" is her phrase "do da, do da, do da." Or "new na, new na, new na." She likes to tack those on to the end of sentences or even in the middle of one to keep you on your feet.

Macy has been requesting Cafe Rio a lot lately. Anytime we mention going out she always asks for it. Unfortunately it's just far enough away it's a little difficult to get there during the dinner hour. The other day she wanted to go but it was 2 p.m. and I didn't feel like going then and we didn't have time to go for dinner because of other plans. I told her it was too far. She responded, "I have a map mommy! In my pocket!" She had the cutest face too. She was so proud of her pretend map and so happy to use it.

I call Macy sweetie or sweetheart a lot. This was proven when I was talking to Anna the other day and I called her sweetie. I asked Anna a question about something and ended it with sweetie. Macy responded to my question even though she was focused on her TV show.

A couple of days ago Macy was upset I had to stop playing with her in order to feed Anna. Since Ja is working from home now Macy said, "Daddy feed Anna!" I explained saying that daddy is working so we have to pretend that daddy isn't here. She responds, "No, daddy is real!" Touche Macy.

I never realized the sayings I repeat a lot until Macy started to talk. She copies my sayings and a few of Ja's too. The one I've noticed a lot lately is "really quick." I say things like, "Let's brush your teeth really quick" or "Let's change your diaper really quick." So it's funny to hear Macy explain things to me like this "Ok, first we go play really quick, then we go Halle's house really quick, then we... really quick..." She also hold her hands out with palms out like an adult would do to demonstrate multiple points.

Macy loves to pretend to be different people. Sometimes she's Mommy, sometimes she's a baby, or Ja, or Santa Claus, or a princess. She'll tell me, "Mommy say, Ja what you doing?" if she's pretending to be Ja. I have to ask "Ja" and then she'll answer. For instance, we were at a friends house today who has a little armchair and ottoman. Macy was sitting in it with a play computer. She told me to "ask Ja what I'm doing." I did and she replied, "I'm working mommy." She had her feet propped up just like daddy does at home.