Saturday, February 23, 2013

Macy went potty!

Macy went potty in the toilet today for the first time! She was so proud of herself just like I knew she would be. There was some screaming (I want my diaper mommy!) and crying, but not as much as I thought there would be.

I would see her hold herself and that's how I knew she needed to go soon. We rushed to the toilet, she could cry asking for her diaper, scream when I put her on the toilet, then after more crying she would go. She would stop crying and look at me with big eyes and say, "I go potty mommy!" Then I would hear the tinkle. I cheered for her and clapped. She liked flushing and waving bye-bye to the pee.

I had signed Macy up for a ballet class and I told her she has to go pee pee in the potty before going to ballet class. For a month I've been trying to get Macy to use the potty and threatened to cancel the class if she doesn't go. She replied, "it's ok mommy. I go pretend ballet class." (We have pretend class at home.) After going for the first time she got really excited and said, "Now I go to real ballet class mommy!" She was paying attention :)

Dorothy came over tonight to watch the girls and Macy even went potty with her. She told Dorothy, "I wipe then I wash my hands." I'm so proud she already got that down!

I bribed her to pee with a pretend play doctors coat and tools. She had seen it at the store a few days ago and I told her she can have it after using the potty. After she went twice we went to the mall to purchase it. While we were at the store she noticed a princess dress she wanted. Ja told her if she goes poop on the potty she can get it. There's a chart in the bathroom and if she fills each square with a sticker then she earns a trip to Chuck e cheeses. I had to say that because she didn't want to sit on the toilet more than once. This potty training thing is getting expensive.

She had 4 successful potty trips and only one accident. I am so proud of her. Hopefully tomorrow can be just as successful.

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