Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

We had a great Valentine's day this year. It started off great with a Disney on Ice show at the Verizon center. Macy and I went with some friends and we all had a really good time. Ja was kind enough to watch Anna for me.

We took the metro there and Macy liked riding the train. She did get a little concerned when we went underground. She kept asking, "How we get out mommy?" I told her we would get off the train and go up really big escalators.

We had really good seats up front. My friend Debbie got tickets for us and they were awesome and cheap! I took this picture of us with my phone. Macy was extremely happy but it's poor quality.

Then she wouldn't look forward for the real camera! Stinker! Oh well, at least you get to see her super cute pigtails and bows.

 Does Macy like cotton candy? Does cotton candy have sugar in it? :) Yes? Then Macy loves it.

Macy, Izzy, and Nolan
 Macy begged for Tangled the whole time and the last number was the lantern song from Tangled. I was relieved they had Tangled and figured Macy would be happy. But then she kept asking for the mudder (mother) from Tangled! Geez. She quickly forgot about that one though and enjoyed the rest of the show.

The kids all loved the show and I thought it was really fun too. Afterwards we walked over to Potbelly's for lunch then headed home. Except Macy and I got on the blue metro instead of orange so our trip was an extra 45 minutes. Oh well, Macy loved being on the trains.

That night for dinner I made pink pancakes with strawberries, heart shaped toast, and pink milk. Macy was a little put off my the pink milk at first but eventually drank it.

 It was a fun day!

Ja and I couldn't celebrate Valentine's on the 14th so we celebrated on the 15th. Ja probably doesn't want me posting this but I thought  all the things he did that day were so nice I want to write them down. He can be a real romantic! We never talked about celebrating it at all so when the 14th came and went I figured we wouldn't be doing anything. However, on the 15th Ja told me we were going out that night and he already had a babysitter! (finding a sitter is my least favorite part of going out)

All throughout the day he texted me romantic movie clips or love song music videos. I got a new one every hour! It was fun to get them and see which clips he picked out. He had my favorite Lindt chocolates waiting for me in the car that morning and when we got back from play group there were flowers and a card on the table.

Then, we surprised me with a 1-hour massage. He took time off of work so I could get the massage that day. It was relaxing.

That night we drove out to Thai Basil in Chantilly. I've told Ja all about this place since I first went there probably two years ago. It was so delicious, I could eat it every night. We got chicken satay skewers, pad thai, and massaman curry. And sticky rice with mango for dessert of course. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Then we came home and Ja had my favorite ice cream waiting and a movie.

I thought the whole day was very romantic and fun. Ja was very thoughtful! All I got him was a journal that we write one line a day to remember the nice things the other does for us. I thought it would be fun to look back on. I'm not sure how he will be able to top this Valentine's Day! It was a really good one!

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