Sunday, September 23, 2007

Brigham Young University

I wanted to comment on how wonderful it is to be going to BYU and to live in Provo. BYU is such a wonderful place to study. What other college is your professor able to tie the gospel into every subject? It's also great to be in a school that is clean, you don't hear any profanity, you can't smell cigarette smoke, nor do you see beer cans all over. We also get to hear from so many church leaders. Just last tuesday President Hinckely came to the Marriott Center to give a devotional. The Marriott Center was full with students but as soon as President Hinckley walked in the whole place went silent. The Spirit was so strong there. We have also been able to hear from Elder Gerald Lund as he spoke to us in our stake conference. President Monson also spoke to us in a large Area Conference. We even got to sit in the fifth row. Now this saturday our stake is providing the Relief Society with tickets to the General Relief Society broadcast. We even get to ride up together on a bus. We have been given so many great opportunites being here!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our new favorite website

I love working at Publications & Graphics!
A designer here also does some freelance photography and has asked me to be in his pictures a few times. They have all been of student Laura; I'm studying with a friend, holding a book and backpack, writing a paper, things like that. If you would like to check out the istock photo website where my pictures are here is the link: Search under "beautiful student" and you'll see 2 pictures of me on the first page. If you click on them then you can see all my pictures at the bottom of the page. Ja was also a model with me last saturday. We were doing student things again, I guess that's what we do best. AJ, the photographer, said he would even give us some prints to hang on our walls. BUT, the best thing is, I am actually on a real website that AJ nor I had anything to do with! Ja's cousin Brian is married to Kate. Kate and her brother Nate lived in the same ward as Ja and I when we were single. Nate is now living in Oregon. Guess who he saw on the website of his apartment complex? Here is the link: Cool huh? I'll let you know when Ja's pictures are on the website.