Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our June Fun

This is a classic month wrap-up loaded with pictures!

We went with friends to a new spray fountain in Georgetown right along the Potomac.

Macy loves going to the mall and stopping at all her favorite stores. We always have to stop at the Apple store so she can play the games on the iPad.

Macy feeding Anna.

Chocolate popsicles. Anna stole Ja's popsicle right out of his hand.

Big Mess

Macy calls herself an Octopus when she wears this floatie. Now we always call this thing an octopus.

We've been swimming and grilling at the pool a lot and discovered that Anna loves corn on the cob.

We went with a group of friends to Sandy Point State Beach in Maryland. It's in the bay so there are only tiny little waves which is great with kids. Macy and Anna both did great and had a very fun time.
Anna mostly hung out in the stroller and enjoyed watching the kids play.

Macy loved playing in the sand

Anna taking a bottle break

Ja received a hose for Father's Day which means we can now wash our cars. I have great memories of washing our cars growing up with my dad so I was excited to try it with Macy. She loved it and said she wants to wash the car every day. She said next time she'll try not to get as wet,

More swimming.

Ja gave me pancake molds probably 5 years ago for Mother's Day saying that one day we can make them for our kids. We finally made some and they turned out great. Macy loved them. 

Ann has great bed-head!
But she cleans up nicely! Isn't she so adorable?!

Since Ellen was moving her, Katrina Rice, and I went to the temple together our one and only time. Afterwards we were sad we hadn't done that more often! It was a beautiful day!

Family Photo Fail

It was the Sunday before the 4th of July and we were all in patriotic colors and looking cute so I tried to get a picture of us before church. This is what we ended up with. And these are the best. Oh well. Such is life. I hope you can still get the gist of how cute the girls were!

As you can see Macy se up a pickwic (picnic) in the background and that was much more important than taking a picture!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Macy's last day of Ballet Class

Normally parents are not allowed into class but we are allowed to watch on the first and last days. Ja came with us to watch the adorable little ballerinas and take some pictures. Macy learned so much in those 2 sessions of ballet. The very first day she had no clue what was going on but today she new how to do stretches, first position, releve, tendu, plie, and arabesque. And most importantly how to dance like a princess! Her teacher was Miss Monica and Macy enjoyed learning from her. We had many pretend ballet classes at home thanks to Miss Monica.

Stretching and making sandwiches with their feet. 

They would stretch like Aerial does when she looks for prince Eric from her rock. Here they are each saying what color their mermaid tails are. 

Praticing on the barre.


The girls put on a little show for the parents. They took turns doing certain moves then ended with their favorite move of choice. I think they all chose an arabesque.

I love the curtsies they do at the end. So adorable. I think I'll sign Macy up again in the fall. She enjoyed it so much.

Macy the Pee Wee Paddler

Macy finished her first swimming class! She is my cute little Pee Wee Paddler. She loved it and I'll definitely be doing it again!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Macy the Photographer

I love it when Macy takes pictures. Seeing the world from her perspective is fun. I love that she chose to take pictures of her family! This time she took the camera around the house and these are my favorite. 

I'm sure Anna was trying to grab the camera.

But Macy was able to get her to smile!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Scott's Run Nature Preserve

Last Saturday I drove past the Scott's Run Nature Preserve on my way home from a RS activity. I remembered walking through it 4 summers ago with Holly and two friends. I walked ahead with the group of kids and proceeded to get lost... Never follow directions from a 10 year old no matter how confident she seems. After walking for an hour she'll tell you she doesn't actually know the way.

Shortly after one child crying out, "I'll never see my mommy again!" we were reunited with their mothers and all was well. I wanted to try the hike again, this time with my own children and the Oates family.

It was a beautiful day with a little sun, a breeze, and no bugs. The kids did very well on our hike through the dirt and rocks.
Oliver, Macy, Halle
 I love the scenery

After a long walk of playing in the river, walking over rocks, and forging the river with strollers we eventually make it to the Potomac. I didn't realize there was a little inlet with a small waterfall. Bonus!

We relaxed for awhile and enjoyed snacks. There was a large group of kayakers who came to enjoy the waterfall too. The kids threw rocks in the water and just played. The saying is true- give kids dirt and sticks and they will entertain themselves. We found out later that night the Potomac water level was higher than normal because of all the rain we've had lately. The current was also strong so I'm glad no one fell in.

 Sloane loves Ja and as soon as he sat down she ran into his lap. The whole trip she had to make sure Ja was nearby.

To get down to the river we had to walk down this step and very rocky hill. The kids were tired so Ja carried/ran Macy up the hill.
 Ellen would have made a great pioneer. She had Sloane on her front in the Ergo, holding Oliver, carrying a backpack, and holding Halle's hand up the steep hill.

You have to cross the river in a couple of spots (it's very shallow, not even an inch deep) and on the way back we let the kids take their shoes off and play in the cold water. They enjoyed it very much.

I think we'll be going back again this summer. It was fun to play in the shallow river parts. No need to walk to the end of the trail.

The next day we found out the Oates are moving to Utah in two weeks! We will miss them so much but are happy for their new adventure.

We went again the next Saturday so Joe could enjoy the walk with us and we had another great hike with beautiful weather. All the kids wore sandals so they could just walk through the water.

 Everyone besides me and Anna braved the hard climb over the waterfall and sat across the river. Apparently it has a few steep climbs in a few parts and Ja said Macy was a great little climber and did it all herself!