Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our June Fun

This is a classic month wrap-up loaded with pictures!

We went with friends to a new spray fountain in Georgetown right along the Potomac.

Macy loves going to the mall and stopping at all her favorite stores. We always have to stop at the Apple store so she can play the games on the iPad.

Macy feeding Anna.

Chocolate popsicles. Anna stole Ja's popsicle right out of his hand.

Big Mess

Macy calls herself an Octopus when she wears this floatie. Now we always call this thing an octopus.

We've been swimming and grilling at the pool a lot and discovered that Anna loves corn on the cob.

We went with a group of friends to Sandy Point State Beach in Maryland. It's in the bay so there are only tiny little waves which is great with kids. Macy and Anna both did great and had a very fun time.
Anna mostly hung out in the stroller and enjoyed watching the kids play.

Macy loved playing in the sand

Anna taking a bottle break

Ja received a hose for Father's Day which means we can now wash our cars. I have great memories of washing our cars growing up with my dad so I was excited to try it with Macy. She loved it and said she wants to wash the car every day. She said next time she'll try not to get as wet,

More swimming.

Ja gave me pancake molds probably 5 years ago for Mother's Day saying that one day we can make them for our kids. We finally made some and they turned out great. Macy loved them. 

Ann has great bed-head!
But she cleans up nicely! Isn't she so adorable?!

Since Ellen was moving her, Katrina Rice, and I went to the temple together our one and only time. Afterwards we were sad we hadn't done that more often! It was a beautiful day!

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