Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A cute thing Daddy did for Macy

We came across a website called Cute Girls Hairstyles and Macy enjoys watching the video tutorials on how to do different hairstyles. She especially loves the Tinker Bell video. We've watched a few others and wanted to try a few.

I was able to braid the Rapunzel braid into Macy's hair. It looked great until she tried to take it out. I was proud of this braid and it gave me confidence to try other hairstyles. Macy will actually sit still for them too! It helps if she's watching the tutorial as I'm doing it.

We've been wanting to do the Tinker Bell bun but it requires a bun maker which we don't have. It's been on my mind for weeks but I haven't been to a store that sells them and I'm not going to make a special trip just for one thing.

Now we're getting to the cute daddy thing. Ja really wanted to get a bun maker so he searched online to see where they are sold. He found one at Claire's in the mall. All on his own accord he packed Anna up and headed to the mall. I love the visual of him pushing Anna in the stroller through the mall and into Claire's to buy a bun maker for Macy. He picked out the right size and color for Macy's hair. He surprised us when he got home with a topsy tail too! Now Macy can have the "upside-down ponytail" as my sisters and I called it growing up.

He was very excited when he picked Macy and I up to go to Trevor's house. He was trying to talk Macy into getting a bun (which she refused initially) and Addison too. When Macy say Addison was interested she was suddenly anxious to get one. Since the package came with two bun makers we have twin Tinker Bell's!

Ja was even ambitious enough to do Z's hair. I didn't get a picture of that but it also looked cute!

I think Ja will have many more cute hairstyles for his little girls in his future. He was so sweet for getting those things for Macy. He saved me a trip out too so I am grateful for that.

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