Friday, May 31, 2013

May Wrap Up

I feel like I posted a lot in May but there are always the few odd photos that I don't want to leave out! My girls are too cute to not post every picture possible :)

Granny Dot had a short visit and went with us to the park. She was kind enough to push Macy in the swing for a long time.

Anna loved playing/eating wood chips.

Daddy and Anna hanging out in bed on a Saturday morning.

Macy looking suspiciously at daddy and Anna.

We love going to the new splash ground. Macy throughly enjoys the water this year. Past summers she was very much afraid of it. The fountains will go up and down and her favorite thing is to run to each one and "push" it down until the water goes away.

 Her second favorite is to fill buckets, or this day her hat and shoes, with water.

I tried to get a picture but she wouldn't look.

Anna was more interested in my hat.

I love Anna in her high chair. She looks to big in it and hardly ever hangs her feet down. They are usually up kicking the leg divider thing.

I let Macy paint my nails.

My first attempt at the Rapunzel braid from

It was finally warm enough to feed the fish at our complex. Macy would say, "Here fishy! Get some food fishy!"

The pool opened! 

Anna loves hanging out in her pool float! She can touch the bottom of the kiddie pool with her little toes so she likes to push herself around. Macy makes sure to bring Anna back to me if she strays too far.

Anna looking like Quasimodo. 

Splash ground time at the new Mosaic District in Merrifield. With Izzy and Nolan. I think the sun was a little bright for their eyes. 

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