Monday, May 20, 2013

Our 2nd Annual Busch Gardens Trip

We had such a blast last year we decided to go again! This time we invited our friends, the Arringtons, to come along. We had a fun and memorable time but the feeling was much different. First off, we had four kids to juggle instead of just one. Macy was cranky because she was getting over being sick and having a lack of sleep. And it rained on Saturday cutting our day in half.

Over all we had a fun time and will probably do it again. Macy loves hotels so much that we could just stay at the hotel and she would think it was the best vacation ever.
Callie, Macy, Anna
The 2 1/2 hour drive seemed so short compared to our 7 1/2 hour drive to Tennessee. The girls did great and went right to sleep when we got to the hotel. We did stop to eat at a newer restaurant by the hotel called Holy Mackerel. It had really delicious fish and chips.

First ride of the day- the tram!

Macy and Grant on the airplane

Friday was a beautiful day at Busch Gardens. Ja and I both love that park so much. It's beautiful with all the trees and different decorations and themes. It has great rides for adults and children. And the best part was, it was empty! We didn't wait longer than 5 minutes all day! Sometimes Macy was the only child on the whole ride. Her and Grant had a great time together on some rides. Grant is a little more adventurous than Macy so he enjoyed the roller coaster and log flume ride. Macy did go on them but only once. Grant rode each multiple times. We enjoyed funnel cake, a good lunch at the German house, and a good dinner at Uno Pizzeria. A fun but exhausting day. We stayed until closing time at 8!
On her ladybuggy ride. Her favorite.
On the dragon ride that goes up and down. Macy was having fun, she's just making a funny face.
Anna fell asleep during our lunch show.

Macy's first roller coaster date
both kids have cute smiles!
Macy was very excited to see Abby

The kids had a blast playing in the water fountains
And Zoe
Anna did great. She was quite the trooper with only two 20 minute naps all day.

Anna and Callie in their matching outfits

Saturday turned into a cloudy and windy day. Not so great for a water park but we braved through it at Water Country. This place was even more empty. Hardly anyone was there on it's opening day. I didn't blame them though, it was pretty cold. We stayed until 2 then headed back to Busch Gardens. By this time it had started to drizzle. We took the kids to Sesame Street land and Macy requested the roller coaster again! I was very impressed since she was very scared after riding it Friday. When she got off her lips were white! So riding it today she told me to hold on to her very tight. She screamed the whole time but in a good roller coaster scream. Ja said her face looked very frightened so we were glad the camera caught her look. We had to buy the picture because it was priceless.

We did ride Elmo's tower which was awesome. I was so proud of Macy for doing it sine it goes up high. She held my hand and screamed but it was definitely a fun scream.

Macy was so excited to see Elmo!
We tried walking further into the park but it started to downpour so we headed out. Everyone was completely soaked when we got to the car. Thankfully I had a change of clothes in the car for the kids. I was a disappointed we had to leave. One, because we paid for the ticket and couldn't get a good day out of it and two, because I wanted to have a day where Macy could do whatever she wanted. Friday she had to wait around for the adults to ride their rides too. But I know we can go back some day and try again. Macy was begging to go back to the hotel anyways.
Hanging out at the hotel
We enjoyed a delicious dinner at a restaurant called Food for Thought. I ordered a beet salad with candied pecans and raspberry vinaigrette which was very tasty. I could eat it a couple times a week. That night the kids went to sleep instantly.

Sunday we packed up and went to church in Williamsburg. Anna ended up getting poop on Ja's white shirt and suit. It was gross. We drove home and ended the weekend with a great dinner at Matt and Cassidy's house.

Now our summer travel plans are over and summer hasn't even started! We'll have to think of something else to do...

Macy took pictures of us leaving the park Saturday:

This is how we got Anna in from the car.

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