Thursday, May 23, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers...and Ties

I love spring here. Although I liked it slightly less this year because I developed allergies I still think it's beautiful. I love that all the dead branches sprout little buds which eventually turn into bright vibrant flowers. All over the trees, all over the bushes, so beautiful. Every year I am just as impressed and in awe as I was our first spring here. Macy loves to pick the flowers too.

I took those flower pictures on our way to pick up Macy's friend Halle from school. We live right next to the elementary school and Macy loves to go to kindergarten to pick up Halle. We only go into the cafeteria but it doesn't matter to Macy. That is kindergarten as far as she's concerned. They immediately embraced and Halle carried Macy for a little ways.

They held hands for a little bit and I thought it was so sweet. Macy loves Halle so much and asks to play with her all the time. Halle is 6 but is great with Macy because she has a 3 year old brother.

Over the course of two months I made 12 little guy ties. I wanted a project and found this pattern that would be great for Stacie's and Deanna's baby boys. I wrangled two of my friends into making them with me- they actually have boys to enjoy them. I made 6 ties for each of them in sizes 3 months up to 4T. I was very pleased with the results. Both Stacie and Dee loved them. 

Because I waited to give Dee hers in person Oliver was old enough to wear his! Isn't he adorable?!

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