Thursday, May 30, 2013

Anna at 9 months

I seriously cannot believe my baby is 9 months old! By the end of summer we'll be celebrating her 1st birthday! Summer always goes by too fast as it is so this summer will fly by and my baby will be entering toddler-hood. Where has the time gone?

Here are some pictures of my adorable, round faced little angel. She is seriously so happy and goes with the flow. Especially when Macy suddenly appears and pokes her in the face, hits her with something, or loudly shouts boo in her face. Anna loves Macy regardless of those things. Anna often looks around for Macy if she can't see her big sister. She laughs when Macy talks and plays with her.

As you can tell she didn't like the headband on. At least you can see how cute her little face is with a headband!

Anna loves playing with her bin of toys. Actually she mostly plays with the bin. She empties all the toys out and then plays with the basket itself. It does keep her occupied for quite some time.

Right now Anna is not crawling but she's making baby steps to get here. This is her stage right now. She puts her hands on the floor from a sitting position and starts to rock forward like she's getting momentum to push off. A couple times she got her legs turned around in crawling position but cried because she couldn't do anything sitting like that.

Her new thing is growling. She loves it and does it often. It usually results in her coughing after the growl because it has irritated her throat.

Anna is a talker. Probably because she has to speak loudly to get a word in with Macy around. She talks often too and has a sweet little voice. I can't wait to hear words! Sometimes she makes sounds that sound like dada and Anna.

Anna likes to clap and does it when she's happy. Sometimes she'll copy me if I start clapping.

Caught mid-clap

She is very interested in eating our food but doesn't have any teeth to chew it. I give her tiny pieces of some food but she normally spits it out after sucking on it.

Anna will smile back at strangers who say hi to her. Or non-strangers too, i.e. friends, family. I'm also able to hand her off to people who want to hold her without any crying. If she does cry it means she wants a bottle first. It's funny that she still associates eating with me although Ja feeds her too. I'm glad she knows who her mommy is :)

I don't have any of her stats from the doctor because when I called to make her 9 month appointment they didn't have any openings until July 2nd! She turned 9 months on May 26th! I can tell you though she is still in the very low percentile for weight and average for height. She's a skinny little thing but I love that little thing so much!

We found out tonight that Anna responds to her name. She turned around to find Ja when he called our Anna. She went back to playing so he called out Macy, mommy, baby and she didn't respond. Then he called Anna again and she turned around. Good job Anna!
I'm done with pictures mom!

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