Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Macy's Swim Class

On May 8th Macy started a swim class at Spring Hill Rec center. She is taking it with Mark and loves it. She finally got to the point where she isn't afraid of the water and would go in it without me so I knew she would be ok in a class.

The pool is great because it has a shallow beach entry so she was able to walk right in without having to immediately jump in.

Macy loves taking classes and loves having a teacher. She pays very close attention to everything Miss Lori says and always looks up at me with a huge smile she she accomplishes something. This class is helping her gain more confidence in the water. She will now put her mouth under water and touch her ear to the water.
Getting used to the water

Walking like crocodiles in the water.

Swimming through a hoop.

Now they are in slightly deeper water with floaties on. They swam under the noodles.

 I love this picture. Macy had the right area of holding onto the bar but it's a little too high.

This is her third class. She almost blew bubbles in the water. She's proud just to put her chin in the water.

Miss Lori gave them kick boards with a ball to keep safe. They were supposed to kick around with them but Macy cheated and walked around with it instead.

I love watching Macy learn and grow. She is so proud of herself and I am too!

In case you're wondering about Anna she is a great little girl and stays at home napping with daddy! The class is perfect timing for that.

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