Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What brings me joy

Last night Ja asked me what brings me joy. It caught me off guard a little bit but it didn't take me long to answer.

What brings me joy? I could have said getting a pedicure, someone cooking dinner for me, buying a new outfit, or eating Trevor's pan au chocolat. While those things make me happy, the thing that makes me have the most JOY is watching my children be happy and enjoying each other's company.

Almost everything in my day I do for them and their happiness. I'm always trying to have fun activities for Macy because I love watching her learn and accomplish something. I love the wide-eyed look she gives me when she does something that surprises even her. I love watching her run around with friends laughing and smiling the whole time. Her happiness brings me joy. Her love of life brings me joy.
Anna is such an innocent sweet soul. She is happy most of the time and that makes me joyful. She smiles and laughs at many things which in turn makes me smile and laugh. I especially love it when her and Macy are playing and laughing together. I also love when I can make her laugh and her shoulders scrunch up and she gives us a huge toothless grin. Her pure happiness gives me joy.
I hope I can have more children that will also bring me joy. I live my life for my children and they give me so much joy. All the sleepless nights, screaming tantrums, and poopy diapers seem so unimportant and insignificant when I compare them to the joy Macy and Anna bring me.

As Ja and I were conversing we both tried to describe the feeling we get inside when we think of our sweet little girls. It's a love that can't be truly written in words but only felt. Ja said he feels like he gets chills all over his body when he thinks about how much he loves them. I feel like my heart is going to burst with love.

We both love our girls so much! I want to hug them all day long! Thank you Ja for giving me such beautiful girls, inside and out.

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