Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Macy's Lastest Jabberings

I say jabberings because we can't always understand her the first time, but can usually figure it out using the context of the situation. She has new words and sayings everyday. I can't believe how quickly she learns and repeats things. I'm so proud of her, she is turning into such a big girl!

"Macy be-bup!" (or mommy, daddy, baby, etc)- She makes sure that we know she has woken up, as if we couldn't tell otherwise. It is cute when she's awake in her crib just playing, reading, or talking to herself. Sometimes I know it's time to get her because she'll say, "Mommy, Macy be-bup!"

"Stop it!"- Sadly she learned this one from me. I forget that she repeats so much of what I say. I tell her a lot to stop doing things (hitting me, throwing food, etc)

"No, no, no, no, no!"- This one is also from me. I say this a lot if she is about to do something dangerous or that will make a big mess.

"Bye! Later! Ya you!"- After the last two negative sayings I'm glad I at least taught her one good saying. She always says bye and love you whenever she goes anywhere, even if it's to the next room. I hope she never stops saying it.

"Rocky baby!"- Macy says this when she is holding her baby (or other doll/animal) in the cradle position and rocks it back and forth. She does this a lot lately because she's really into playing with her dolls right now. She also tells me to "rocky baby" if I'm holding the doll.

"Macy big girl. Baby sisser in mommy's pummy."- She says this if I accidentally call her baby. This is her way of reminding me that she is a big girl and the baby is in my tummy.

"No, Macy turn."- Her nice way of saying, "No it's mine!" or "I want to do it!"
Macy wanted a turn to put her dishes away.

"Papa's house." Anytime I ask her where is she going, or where we should drive to she ALWAYS says papa's house. If she ever pretend talks on the phone and I ask her who she's calling she ALWAYS says Papa.

"Here we go!"- We know she's excited to go somewhere when we are walking out the door and she says this.

"Macy yucky."- Macy's way of telling us she doesn't like a food. We're pretty sure she picked up yuck from Jacob when we stayed with them.

"spicy juice"- We have a canister that can make any juice or water carbonated. A long time ago, when she first tried a carbonated drink, we told her that Addie called soda spicy drink. At first Macy only called carbonated things spicy juice but now she can be persuaded that any juice is spicy. This is helpful when I don't feel like making carbonated Crystal Lite (her favorite).

"Mommy be-bo."- This is what Macy calls pony tails and she loves to "put" them in my hair. She brushes my hair and places the elastic on my head. Daddy can have be-bo's too if he's around. This started a little after I started to put pony tails in her hair.

"No thank you please."- Macy is pretty good about saying thank you when I give her something or saying no, thank you if she doesn't want something. However, I very often have to remind her to say please when she asks for something. If she doesn't feel like saying please she says "No thank you please." That's her way of saying, "I don't want to say please!"

"Tant to mommy!"- I love hearing her saying thank you to me. It comes in all different tones, speeds, and fluctuations of her voice.

"More daddy!"- I never hear "more mommy" and it's because she has so much fun with daddy. She'll say this if he's been tickling her and leaves the room or anything fun like that.
"More milk!"- The only thing she says when she wakes up in the middle of the night. We give her another cup of milk and she goes back to sleep. A terrible habit I know. We are regretting the day we let her first do that.

"Mommy bye bye."- This is said when she feels like being alone. Sometimes it's at home and she wants to do something without me, or sometimes it's at a store and she just wants to wander around. Today for the first time she told me bye bye and then "No back." She didn't want me to come in and check on her like I usually do. Thankfully she's not mischievous yet and I don't come back to anything broken or colored on.

"____________, where are you?"- If she's looking for her doll, purse, or the neighbor's puppy she'll call out for it.

"Macy princess."- She'll point to herself when she does this. We had to convince her that she wanted to look like a princess and have pretty princess hair in order for her to take a bath without screaming. Her shampoo bottle has pictures of Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, and Jasmine. If she puts on a dress she'll say, "Macy princess dress!" and get so excited.

"Purpo scisor"- Her second favorite activity is to cut paper into little pieces using her purple scissors. She was so excited when we bought them for her.

"One minute."- Ja and I aren't sure who she picked this one up from. We both will tell her, "I'll come in a minute" or "you can in one minute." When she says it she'll hold our her cute little finger so we know she means one minute.

"Macy gasses."- Ever since we spent time in sunny California for Christmas Macy has become very aware of the sun and does not like it in her eyes. She started to always want my sunglasses if she saw me wearing them. I need glasses too so I bought her her own little pair. She loves them very much. Her ears and nose are too small to keep them on her face so she just holds them up. As you can imagine, they don't last long on her face but she loves to hold them anways. 

"More bumble bee!"- Also since our CA trip Macy has been fixated on bees. She said one went in her eye and has talked about bees ever since. One day her and Ja were sitting at her little red table coloring and Macy noticed the huge bumble bees flying outside our window. In order for her not to get scared Ja rolled a piece of paper up to use it as a telescope to watch the bees. Macy thought that was really fun and frequently requests to do it again.

"Cheese!"- She won't smile at the camera but at least she'll say cheese!

"More baby poo poo!"- I know I've talked about this before, but she still loves to change her baby's and penguin's diaper. She'll say "yucky poo poo" as she wipes it off. She asks for one wipe because I've told her she can have a wipe but only one.

"Wast dis?"- Any time Macy sees something that is new, out of place, or out of the ordinary she asks, "What's this?" It's like she's saying, "What's happening here? This isn't how it works." The other night we had to help with Cub Scouts so we didn't leave the church until it was dark. We walk outside and Macy is looking around asking, "Wast dis?" I realized she is usually in bed by the time it's dark or at least in the house. I explained that it was dark because the sun went down. The next morning it was dark in the house because it was cloudy outside. Before I turned on the lights she was running around saying, "Mommy dark! Mommy dark!" She was so excited about her new word.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finally a New Project

Between being exhausted from being pregnant and being sick 3 different times I have been totally unmotivated to do anything at night. I wasn't even reading any books because I was so tired and lazy, and I always have a book to read. Most nights were filled with watching TV and going to bed early.

Only in the last few weeks have I received my energy and zeal to do a project (and read again). It was fun to make something again and to use my creativity. I got the idea from Pinterest, although my version is different. I had to work with the shapes I could make using my Cricut. I made two canvases to go next to another picture on our wall. I'm pleased with the results and now the wall in our dining area isn't as bare.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ain't Love the Sweetest Thing

Yesterday Macy and I had a great day spending time together. She helped me run errands in the morning and was happy and chipper through out it all. At the library she played with the shopping baskets by herself for 30 minutes while I read my book. It was awesome. We spent time playing together at home that I hope I never forget. She wanted to "brush" my hair (which was more like making knots) and spent 30 minutes brushing and putting beebos (pony tails) in my hair. She would tell me how to turn my head and what I had to look at. Then I would brush her hair for a second before she would say, "Macy turn!" and brush my hair again. It was very sweet and made me so happy to have a little girl. She is such a little girl now and not my baby anymore!

Then today happened. Oh today. It was a day I wanted to throw her out the window. Granted she doesn't feel well so I should give her some slack. But if she doesn't feel well, why didn't she take a nap?! She talked to herself in the crib for one hour (which was pretty cute) but never slept. From 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. I threatened to throw her out the window a few times. She was so crabby, cranky, and cried a lot.

Then as I was rocking her tonight and singing songs to her she fell asleep in my arms. She was so completely exhausted she couldn't keep her eyes open. As I was watching her angelic sleeping face tears came to my eyes because I felt so guilty for being mad and saying things like I was going to throw her out the window. I'm getting tears in my eyes as I'm writing this because I miss her sweet little voice so much.

I think I have a really good day with Macy then a really bad one so I don't get too proud and think I'm an amazing mom for raising such a perfect well behaved daughter. I'm still learning how to be patient and loving, and not throw Macy out the window. (Don't worry I wouldn't actually do it.)

Monday, April 9, 2012

A very busy, tiring, and exhausting weekend

Ja and I became parents of 5 overnight. We watched Greg and Holly's boys while they took a trip to Utah. It was a very hard 5 days and I don't envy Holly's daily schedule and duties. I had to change a lot of diapers and a lot of bed sheets. Ja pretty much wins an award because he would get up early and get to work by 7 so he could be home by 4. I knew that if I made it to nap time then he would be home afterwards to save me. He was so helpful when he got home. Plus, having 2 two-year olds was challenging too.

Actually if I were only watching the boys it wouldn't have been so bad. Adding Macy into the mix was rather difficult. She's used to getting all my attention so when I had to split it between her and 4 other kids she didn't take it too well. I had to be in her sight and all times, and this is hard to do when I needed to constantly be going up and down the stairs. Fortunately, probably the last two days she got used to being around so many other people and I didn't have to carry her up the stairs anymore. A plus side of this is she now is a little more independent at home and plays by herself for longer stretches of time. I think she realized she can do things without me and still be all right.

Luckily Macy LOVES playing at Marky's house. She was so excited to be there and to sleep there. Every time I'd put her to sleep she would say, "Macy sleep Marky house!"

We did manage to have some fun though. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Macy and Caleb actually got along really well. I thought it would be Mark and Macy but Caleb and Macy were pals. One day I found them hanging out in Macy's room. They were sitting on the floor reading books together. 

This picture is funny for two reasons: Macy's expression and the dolls hair. If you didn't know better you would think Macy brushed this dolls hair straight up and ripped out the hair in the back. However, that's how it looks all the time. No brushing required. It's a really old doll from when Ja grew up. As scary as that doll looked, it was the only doll in a house of 4 boys so Macy grew attached to it and liked to carry it around with her.

Saturday was a perfect kite flying day so we all went to the park and watched Ja and Brigham fly the turtle kite.

I wasn't brave enough to take all the kids anywhere by myself so we mostly played outside. We took a few walks around the neighborhood and each time the kids would choose to bring something.
Mark with his puppy in a wagon.

Caleb would alternate between riding in and pushing the Tonka truck.

Macy with her doll and purse.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Our little playgroup had a little Easter egg hunt for the little kiddos. Each mom was supposed to bring 6 eggs per child to hide. Well, pretty much all of us brought 10 per kid so the kids had plenty of eggs to find. Macy has a tiny Easter basket so her 10 eggs couldn't all fit inside. She loved the hunt and especially loved all the candy that was inside the eggs. I think she ate it all within 2 days. I let her eat as much as she wanted. I feel like it's better to get rid of it sooner so she doesn't ask for candy everyday of her life. (Because she does if she knows we have candy hidden some where.)

Macy was really into saying cheese and showing me her basket.

Mark and Caleb enjoyed the hunt to. Mark found one egg and didn't want to put anymore in his basket. I eventually put the eggs in there for him.

An Egg!
 Lily searching for her eggs.

Lily looking cute and Macy caught in the middle of her song and dance routine.

This was our best attempt at the cousin photo. Macy wouldn't stand any closer to the other kids and luckily we caught Mark's face. He was so interested in his candy we couldn't get him to turn around.

Tiffany is saying, "Show me your eggs!"

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

End of March wrap up

I've already posted most the pictures for most of March but here are more cute pictures I wanted to share. Macy continues to be happy most of the time. A few days ago she threw a fit because she didn't want me to wear socks. We all have our moments don't we?

Macy loves to stand on her little chair and take rubber bands out of a bag and place them on top of our printer. After all the rubber bands are out she stuffs them all into the tray where the paper comes out. She also does this with paper clips and it can entertain her for quite a while so I let her have at it.

Macy got to open her Easter present from Granny Dot a week early. She was so excited to open the gift! As she opened something I told her to show me and she held everything in front of her face and said cheese. We worked on that until she held it above her head and said cheese. As you can tell, she loved everything in the bag!
A book to help us celebrate Easter
I put this picture up in Macy's room and every time she sees it she says, "Macy, Henry, Charlie!"
A picture of Macy, Henry, and Charlie playing Granny Dot's organ.

Easter pencil
I love that little nose so much!
I left two pieces of candy in the bag and they were eaten into about two seconds.

Easter grass is so fun to throw around.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

My sister-in-law Heather had the idea to visit Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna. I'm glad she thought of it because it's on my list of places to try out. The weather was perfect and the 4 kids had a blast running around in all the open spaces. We will definitely be going back again. In fact, I've scheduled playgroup this week to be at Meadowlark. Macy loved to follow cousin A around every where. A was very polite and let Macy follow her and play with her. If A had a stick, Macy wanted a stick. If A took off running so did Macy. It was very cute to watch. Here are some pictures from our outing.

Before even entering the visitor's center Macy loved the pin wheel garden. I can't get her to smile but at least she says cheese for the camera.

Macy was too shy to sit on the bench, but I couldn't pass up this picture.

The beginning of Macy following A around.

She loved these stone puzzle pieces and ran over them many times. Each time she stepped on a color she would yell out what color it is.

A tried to get Macy to sit on the rabbit with her but Macy was too shy. But not shy enough to sit on it and say cheese by herself.

"Flaming" tulips
There's a gazebo that jets out into the fish pond. Macy loves to run around circular things like that.

Notice the baby turtle riding on his mama's back
The whole pack. As you can tell, E did not want to be in the picture. The girls were very excited to sit for a picture though. A did have her arm around Macy so Lily had to jump in too.

A giant bell. I thought it was Chinese so I told A that it was and from then on she called us all Chinese and would address the group. "Come on Chinese. Let's go this way." When I read that it was actually Korean she told me she already knew it was Korean but wanted to call us Chinese anyways. After that though she started addressing us as Koreans.