Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

My sister-in-law Heather had the idea to visit Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna. I'm glad she thought of it because it's on my list of places to try out. The weather was perfect and the 4 kids had a blast running around in all the open spaces. We will definitely be going back again. In fact, I've scheduled playgroup this week to be at Meadowlark. Macy loved to follow cousin A around every where. A was very polite and let Macy follow her and play with her. If A had a stick, Macy wanted a stick. If A took off running so did Macy. It was very cute to watch. Here are some pictures from our outing.

Before even entering the visitor's center Macy loved the pin wheel garden. I can't get her to smile but at least she says cheese for the camera.

Macy was too shy to sit on the bench, but I couldn't pass up this picture.

The beginning of Macy following A around.

She loved these stone puzzle pieces and ran over them many times. Each time she stepped on a color she would yell out what color it is.

A tried to get Macy to sit on the rabbit with her but Macy was too shy. But not shy enough to sit on it and say cheese by herself.

"Flaming" tulips
There's a gazebo that jets out into the fish pond. Macy loves to run around circular things like that.

Notice the baby turtle riding on his mama's back
The whole pack. As you can tell, E did not want to be in the picture. The girls were very excited to sit for a picture though. A did have her arm around Macy so Lily had to jump in too.

A giant bell. I thought it was Chinese so I told A that it was and from then on she called us all Chinese and would address the group. "Come on Chinese. Let's go this way." When I read that it was actually Korean she told me she already knew it was Korean but wanted to call us Chinese anyways. After that though she started addressing us as Koreans.

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