Monday, April 9, 2012

A very busy, tiring, and exhausting weekend

Ja and I became parents of 5 overnight. We watched Greg and Holly's boys while they took a trip to Utah. It was a very hard 5 days and I don't envy Holly's daily schedule and duties. I had to change a lot of diapers and a lot of bed sheets. Ja pretty much wins an award because he would get up early and get to work by 7 so he could be home by 4. I knew that if I made it to nap time then he would be home afterwards to save me. He was so helpful when he got home. Plus, having 2 two-year olds was challenging too.

Actually if I were only watching the boys it wouldn't have been so bad. Adding Macy into the mix was rather difficult. She's used to getting all my attention so when I had to split it between her and 4 other kids she didn't take it too well. I had to be in her sight and all times, and this is hard to do when I needed to constantly be going up and down the stairs. Fortunately, probably the last two days she got used to being around so many other people and I didn't have to carry her up the stairs anymore. A plus side of this is she now is a little more independent at home and plays by herself for longer stretches of time. I think she realized she can do things without me and still be all right.

Luckily Macy LOVES playing at Marky's house. She was so excited to be there and to sleep there. Every time I'd put her to sleep she would say, "Macy sleep Marky house!"

We did manage to have some fun though. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Macy and Caleb actually got along really well. I thought it would be Mark and Macy but Caleb and Macy were pals. One day I found them hanging out in Macy's room. They were sitting on the floor reading books together. 

This picture is funny for two reasons: Macy's expression and the dolls hair. If you didn't know better you would think Macy brushed this dolls hair straight up and ripped out the hair in the back. However, that's how it looks all the time. No brushing required. It's a really old doll from when Ja grew up. As scary as that doll looked, it was the only doll in a house of 4 boys so Macy grew attached to it and liked to carry it around with her.

Saturday was a perfect kite flying day so we all went to the park and watched Ja and Brigham fly the turtle kite.

I wasn't brave enough to take all the kids anywhere by myself so we mostly played outside. We took a few walks around the neighborhood and each time the kids would choose to bring something.
Mark with his puppy in a wagon.

Caleb would alternate between riding in and pushing the Tonka truck.

Macy with her doll and purse.

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