Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Devin & Deeanna's Wedding

On July 24th my brother-in-law Devin married Deanna. It was a fun pioneer celebration, minus the pioneers. They got married in the Sacramento LDS temple. The temple was beautiful, the grounds were very beautiful as well. It was as if the builders and landscapers wanted good pictures to be taken there. Unfortunately these are the only pictures I took.

The reception was at an amazingly beautiful home that looked like a botanical garden. There we took plenty of family pictures and ate lots of food and dessert. We are so happy for you two!

Only one more DeVore wedding to go...

Coldplay Concert

We were lucky enough to go to Coldplay's second Viva la Vida tour. Neither time were we planning on going to the concerts. This time someone asked us two days before if we were going. We said no, then she said, "My sister has extra tickets that she'll sell to you at a discount!" That was the end of that. Although our seats weren't as good as last time, we still enjoyed the music and the atmosphere.

Coldplay puts on such a great show. The lighting was spectacular, the back drops were cool, they walk off stage and sing on a little stage in the way back. I bet those people who thought they had bad seats were so excited when Coldplay came to sing right next to them. At this part of the concert they improvised a little and sang non-Coldplay songs, one being Billy Jean. I liked their version. At the end of the concert Chris Martin informs everyone they are giving us all a free CD, Left Right Left Right Left. It's the live version of a few of their songs. The crowd went wild.

Lovers in Japan was still my favorite song. I was so glad they still shoot tissue paper butterflies into the audience during the chorus. The air was filled with them!
For the encore they played Life In Technicolor, the version with words. Ja loves this song and I think it was his favorite part of the concert. We had a great time!
The concert was at the Home Depot Center in Carson. If you ever go there parking is horrible so you need to go two hours before the event starts. We ended up parking at a Panda Express parking lot and walking almost a mile to the center because the line of cars was not moving at all. We did make sure that the lot didn't say "Panda Express Parking Only" before parking.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

News from the Doctor...

We are having a little GIRL! It came as a surprise to us all! 

Here is the "girl" picture. See the crescent thing and that there's nothing in the middle?
Her cute spine and ribs.
She was being camera shy and wouldn't let us look at her face. In this one she is putting her hand to her face.
Everything looked great; mom and baby wise. We are VERY excited!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

12 Week Ultrasound

I forgot to post these pictures! I'm now 15 weeks and will get another ultrasound next week to determine the gender! 

This is a 2D ultrasound.
This is my favorite 3D ultrasound. Quite a difference isn't there? There's actually a baby in there!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Card Making

Since I had some spare time I decided to make more cards. I usually find some paper that matches and then makes a series of cards with that paper. Here are some of my latest series. I'm now taking orders, just kidding. But seriously.

Beach House 2009

We were lucky enough to go with friends and family to a beach house in Ventura for a week. On Monday I get an email sent to my phone with this subject: Hope you don't mind, and this picture:
Ja decided to buy a surfboard (I knew I should've went with him to the store!). 

It was a good purchase because he used it all the time and any time he wasn't surfing he was teaching someone else to surf. He had a 100% success rate. Jill, Zack, Jesse, Kenny, and Bryce were all able to stand up surfing.

Ja and his surfing buddy Josh.

Some people went boogie boarding, kayaking, and surfing. That water was way too cold for me so I didn't even try to get in. I spent most of my time reading in the sun, luckily I had a lot of people to sit with me. 

We spent most of our nights playing cards and talking. It was so much fun to get to know people better from my home ward and spend time with old friends. Beach vacations are always to relaxing it was really hard to come home!

Out of a woman's mouth and into a man's ear

Last night I was eating a piece of homemade pie. I said, " Homemade pie crust is to much better than store bought."

This is what Ja heard, " Why do they ride with their shirts off?" Sure he was watching the Tour de France but Dorothy sure thought it was funny.