Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012 Photo Update

Life continues to be tiring, exhausting, boring, filled with play time, crying time, dancing time, reading time, and a little of Ja and Laura time. Despite all that, we love our little Macy and we love our life with her. She continues to grow developmentally and verbally. We love to hear her cute little voice and she is still very polite. She always says please, thank you, and instead of just yelling no when she doesn't want something she says "No, thank you." We are impressed with all her new words and sentences daily.

We had a really warm Saturday in the beginning of January so we played outside at Greg and Holly's house. She loved being pushed by Ja in the toy car and eating goat cheese with Aunt Holly. We stayed for two hours and we still had to carry Macy away kicking and screaming because she didn't want to leave.

Macy wearing her new coat and shoes from her Great Aunt Linda. Isn't she precious?

Macy trying to hide in the corner while chewing on all the pieces of gum she found in my bag. If she noticed we were looking at her she said, "No, bye bye!" meaning we can't look at her.

Going through all my pictures from January we had a lot of Macy and Lily play time. It's fun to have Lily live so close. This time I was miraculously able to get pig tails in both the girls hair and neither of them pulled them out. They were so cute! Macy even wanted a clip in her hair like Lily had to hold her bangs back.

Another Macy and Lily play time. Notice Macy and her feet in the top pictures. We gave both girls a bath together and they loved it! It was the first time in a very, very long time Macy did not protest getting washed. I said we should schedule times during the week for Lily to come to bathe because it's so much easier bathing the two of them then bathing just one screaming and wiggling Macy.

Macy and Lily with their purses and phones.

Speaking of accessories, Macy wanted her hat, gloves, boots, and her pig pillow "purse".

Having a tea party with her friends.

More accessory cuteness.

She loves to go upside-down and pretends she's a clock.

I rarely, if ever, see Macy while she is sleeping so I had to sneak a picture one Sunday morning when I had to wake her up for church. 

Ja made Macy her very own tent filled with friends and food.

Macy (or Simi as Mark calls her) and Marky watching TV together.

One afternoon Macy woke up from her nap talking up a storm to herself. I go in to get her and she had her socks on her hands and using them as puppets. Her puppets must have been talking to each other. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cute Macy Things

I'm hoping to make smaller posts on the daily things Macy does that are so cute. Hopefully I can keep it up.

Lately she has LOVED reading to me. She sits down, pats the ground or chair where she wants me to sit and says, "Mom, come." (She's started calling me mom now instead of mommy. Can she be that old already?!) I sit and she "reads" to me. I love hearing her voice, seeing her facial expressions change, and hearing her version of the story. If I ever try to say anything about the book or ask her questions she says, "No, Macy." That's her way of saying, "I'm telling the story!"

As expected, she is starting to have her own opinion on things and wants to do things her way. Lately she's been more compliant and it's been pleasant. For example, this morning I wanted to wash her blanket. She said no and wouldn't let me take it so I said "Ok, I'll have to wash it later." I walked to the washing machine and I hear her say, "Yes! Yes!" and she brought me the blanket. It's so easy to get her to do things when she thinks they are her idea. Like taking a bath, for instance. She hates it but sometimes we can trick her into thinking it's her idea then she's fine with it.

She continue to talk so much and learns to much everyday. I love listening to her version of things. She still loves listening to us telling her the "story" of her day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Latest Macy Movie

Here is a movie which coves November 2011 and half of December. Check it out on our Web Gallery.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Laura siting!

A friend of the DeVore family found another website that is using my picture. Check it out at the Ivory Homes website. by clicking on the link.

Macy is one lucky girl!

We went to the doctors today for Macy's 2 year old appointment. Here are her stats: 34 inches long 19 inch head circumference Only 23 pounds! The doctor said to feed her as many calories and fat that I can since she only gained 2 pounds in 6 months. Macy can eat lots of guacamole, hummus (which she loves), olive oil, even butter. The good kind of fat of course. She also gets to stay on whole milk instead of switching to the uncreamy kind. One day she'll realize how lucky she is because she isn't limited on her fat intake like the rest of us! And that she has good genes that keep her so tiny :) She did not like the appointment. She cried the moment we walked in the front door. She would settle down but cry again once the doctor or nurse walked in. Almost the whole time the doctor was in with us Macy pointed to the door and said "go! Go!" I don't know if that meant she wanted the doctor to leave or us to leave. She was trying to dress herself for while too. Once I was able to dress her again she calmed down and let me and the doctor talk. She was very brave for her shots and only cried a little bit. Silly girl, that's the only part that hurt! She was excited to get in the car and get a special treat for being so brave.