Monday, January 28, 2013

Anna's first cereal

I noticed Anna was interested in food lately. She watches me put food into my mouth and opens hers like she wants some. So at five months old we have her rice cereal for the first time.

To my surprise she liked it!

First I tried sitting Anna in the bumbo seat. She seemed to like it but slowly slouched over to the point she could lick the arm rests. I guess she needs to strengthen her torso a little more before we do feedings in it.
She's not sleeping- the flash is a little too bright

Macy loves and adores Anna

I love this picture of my girls.

Anna being a big girl!

Anna loves to smile, just not for the camera
 This was after her first few bites of cereal. I made it very thin with breast milk so it was like she was drinking milk from a spoon. But hey, she did it and liked it. And her face was pretty clean too!

Of course Macy wanted to try her hand at feeding Anna. Of course, she had to sit in the bumbo in order to do it.

I think Macy stuck the spoon a little too far in Anna's mouth.

That's better Macy. Anna liked the cereal for the next few days too. I found that it has to be very thin for her to eat it, otherwise she spits it out. Good job Anna! This is one step in the right direction!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Check-up at the doctor

Both girls visited the doctor on Wednesday. They did great which I was very thankful for since I had them both by myself, and the appointments were during nap time.

Macy of course complained and said she didn't want to go but liked it (most of it). She loves playing doctor at home so it was fun to get her blood pressure checked and have the doctor use the stethoscope for real. When the nurse checked her blood pressure she got her little I'm-excited-but-don't-want-to-show-it smile on her face. She wouldn't let go of me the rest of the visit but only cried for a few seconds when she had to lie down.

Here are her 3 year old stats:

27 1/2 pounds
37 1/2 inches tall
Blood pressure 98/52
Macy is in a lower percentile for weight but average for height.

Anna also did great and didn't cry at all. Until she got her shots at the end that is. She was all smiles and tried to hold the doctors hands and instruments anytime they were within reach. I loved seeing her cute little naked body since its covered up most if the time due to the cold.

Here are her stats:
11 pounds 9 ounces
25 inches long
16 inch head circumference

She's only in the 3rd percentile for weight and 27th for height. We have another little girl on our hands.

I love this picture of us waiting for the doctor. It pretty much sums up the girls personalities right now. Macy can be a little stinker sometimes and Anna is wide awake and curious about things.

The second picture is one Macy took. That little fuzzy thing in the bottom right is Anna's head. I laugh every time I look at it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Macy's first snow!

I guess this title is wrong. Macy saw a ton of snow her first year of life but she couldn't enjoy it. Last year there was no snow at all so we were very excited to get our first few inches, that's enough for sledding!

The snow pants and boots I bought Macy last year still fit, thankfully. Holly had given me a pair of snow pants last month so we were fit to go sledding. I loved watching Macy walk around in all those clothes! It was very cute, almost cute enough to make we want to live in a place with lots of snow so Macy can become a skiier/snowboarder.  Almost. But then when we only played for 15 minutes when it took us 20 minutes to get ready.

It was very cold outside, a mere 19 degrees. Macy's gloves weren't the best so her hands got very cold. We had a blast sledding down the hill in front our building, screaming the whole way down of course. I think Macy loved walking around in the snow with her boots and pants because she would fall down in it on purpose. She probably liked that she didn't get wet or cold from it.
Macy would not look at the camera!

Although it looks like she's screaming, she is actually saying cheese

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anna Rolls Over!

Anna rolled over for the first time on January 16th. She rolled from her back to her stomach. She did it a lot for a few days and hasn't done it since. I haven't been able to catch it on camera since she stopped doing it. I did want to write it down so I can remember her great feat! We are proud of you Anna!