Thursday, January 24, 2013

Macy's first snow!

I guess this title is wrong. Macy saw a ton of snow her first year of life but she couldn't enjoy it. Last year there was no snow at all so we were very excited to get our first few inches, that's enough for sledding!

The snow pants and boots I bought Macy last year still fit, thankfully. Holly had given me a pair of snow pants last month so we were fit to go sledding. I loved watching Macy walk around in all those clothes! It was very cute, almost cute enough to make we want to live in a place with lots of snow so Macy can become a skiier/snowboarder.  Almost. But then when we only played for 15 minutes when it took us 20 minutes to get ready.

It was very cold outside, a mere 19 degrees. Macy's gloves weren't the best so her hands got very cold. We had a blast sledding down the hill in front our building, screaming the whole way down of course. I think Macy loved walking around in the snow with her boots and pants because she would fall down in it on purpose. She probably liked that she didn't get wet or cold from it.
Macy would not look at the camera!

Although it looks like she's screaming, she is actually saying cheese

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