Monday, March 31, 2014

Photos from March

Addison had a bunny party with real animals. The girls got to hold little bunnies and chickens. 

This was a chicken which Anna was very interested in.

Believe it or not this is a real bunny named Angel. It was the fluffiest thing I have ever seen. Oddly enough, it had scary red eyes that detracted from its fluffy cuteness.

You can tell from Macy's body language how she felt about holding the little chicken.

Izzy came over one day and the girls found some face paint I bought a long time ago. They both wanted lady bugs. Izzy wanted to paint Macy's face but Macy would not allow it. 

I let them paint my face instead. 

Izzy was brave enough to let Macy paint her face.

Then Anna wanted in on the action. She was so soft and gentle with the brush that it tickled. Yes, I'm wearing my pajamas. It was snowing outside and we were not going anywhere.

Then Anna painted her own face.

Anna loves playing in the tub as the water is running. I turn the water on really low so it takes a long time to fill up. That way she has more time to play with the running water. Here she is playing with the stick from our blender. 

I was able to get pigtails in Anna again!

We drove down to Huntersville to tour the house we already put an offer on. Our friends took us to Lake Norman for a Sunday walk.

Macy and Mac
 The girls loved the musical card Dorothy gave Ja for his birthday. They sat here and opened it, closed it, opened it, closed it, you get the idea. The song was "Do you believe in magic?"

I took the girls to Rebounderz for one last trampoline visit. I love Anna in this helmet. Both girls had a blast and overcame any fears. It was helpful having the place to ourselves. For a majority of the time there was only one other kid there with us. As we were leaving I said, "Macy wasn't it great that no one was there?" She correctly answered, "Mom, there were people there!" 

Macy was jumping so high! I was proud of her for trying this and from jumping from square to square. She wouldn't do that on previous visits.

These are the girls from Macy's little ballet class. A high school student teaches it out of her basement. Macy doesn't really like it which is unfortunate. She tells me the class is too long. I think that's her way of saying it's boring. 
Izzy, Macy, Claire, Kate
 Both girls had the stomach flu. That was not a fun night. Luckily Anna only threw up twice in her crib (and once in our bed) then slept the rest of the night. Macy threw up from 1pm-4am, every 30 minutes or so. I felt so bad for her. She had never thrown up before and didn't know what was going on. After the first time of getting it all over her bed she was a champ at throwing up in her bedside bowl or running to the toilet. Both girls were wiped out the next few days.

This was Anna after she starting feeling better. My little cheese ball. 

Here she is waving hi. She walked up and down this ramp many times.

It seems we have been in a forever winter this year so I was thrilled to find a little bit of Spring popping up through the pine needles!

Ja has been watching some of the Sweet 16 games on his phone (since we cancelled our cable). If Anna sees him she steals his phone and watches. This night she was trying to get out go going to bed. She was so adorable I think we let her stay up a bit longer. I love those feet!

One day I found Anna playing with blocks all by herself in her room. This surprised me so much because Macy never did that. She still doesn't so that. Anna would knock down the tower then build again. 

Macy the fashion designer. She made a dress out of bubble wrap. She has the unhappy runway model look down! She has a great pose too.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Macy's first haircut!!

Yesterday Macy got her very first real haircut at a salon. I also got my haircut and she sat very still watching Becca cut my hair. I loved watching her face. She had an expressionless face but I knew the wheels were turning as she watched all the goings on in the salon.

 We got our hair cut because Macy consistently asked to get her hair cut for a few weeks. When she would ask if we had an appointment and I said no she would tell me to call Becca. She has been afraid of it for the last 4 years which is why we waited until she was almost 4 1/2 to get a haircut. 

Macy did her little smile when she doesn't want people to know she is happy. I was so proud of her how still she sat. 

Putting the cape on. 

Figuring how much to cut off. 

Here we go!!

Becca cut a few inches off!

Macy had to stand on the chair since her hair was too long. 

I had to save some of my baby's hair! I was getting emotional watching my little girl become a "big girl." 

Cutting layers

Macy was so happy with her haircut!

To top things off Becca curled Macy's hair. Macy loves getting her hair curled. 

The rest of the day Macy would stop in front of any mirror and check out her hair. She would shake to make her curls bounce and she would watch them in the mirror.  

I love this smile! Macy was thrilled but didn't want to smile too big. 

Checking out the back of her hair. 

Macy looks more grown up with shorter hair. Today when I brushed her hair she laughed and said, "You can't brush my hair mommy because it's so short!"

Ja was so surprised when he saw Macy. He loved it so much and told her over and over how beautiful she is. 

In the elevator later that day Ja said, "Macy, you know what?" She replied, "I know, I know, you love me." We tell her so often that we love her and how beautiful she is that she gets tired of hearing it. 

Macy loves her haircut! And I do too!! She is so beautiful!

Update: The next day Macy said, "Mommy, when can I get my hair cut again? Because that was fun!" She's asked me multiple times if she can get her hair cut again. She also laughs when I wash her hair because "now it's so short!"

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Anna loves her daddy

Anna loves Ja so very much. She prefers him over me when given the chance. He usually puts her to bed at night and won't go to me to put her to sleep. I love that she loves her daddy so much! I think it's precious. Here they are cuddling on the couch after Anna's bath. 

After I took the picture she pointed to his ears and said ears. She also said nose. Yesterday she said diaper a few times but I couldn't get her to repeat it today. 

Ja turns 31!

We had a low-key birthday for Ja today. Ja and I went to a Sting and Paul Simon concert last night as an early present though. He had a great time and enjoyed hearing his favorite songs. 

Today Ja opened his presents from us. I got him some new shoes which look great with his new jeans Dorothy gave him. 

Ja has mentioned that his dream would be to have an extra fridge full of different kinds of soda. Good kinds of soda. So I went to bed bath and beyond and bought him 8 bottles of soda. There was root beer, key lime cream soda, cherry lime, lemon lime, grapefruit, cherry, and chocolate soda. It wasn't a fridge full, but it's a start.  We are a little worried about the chocolate flavor one. He was excited to open all those, so were the girls. 

Anna pulled a bottle out of the bag and exclaimed, "wow!"

Macy held the bottles up and said "cheese" so Anna copied her and said "cheese" too. 

I made Ja's birthday cake this year. It came from a Cooks Country magazine and it was a 3 layer cake. It was delicious, especially the frosting (probably because it had 4 sticks of butter). 

Macy picked the candles for the cake- dinosaurs. 

Macy wanted to put all the candles in so Ja aged a few years to be 37. 

We had a few friends come over for cake and ice cream to celebrate. Ja's one request was we sing an upbeat Happy Birthday which we did. I didn't record it but it sounded happy!

Ja is such a wonderful dad, husband, and friend. I'm glad we were able to celebrate him and show him our love and support.