Tuesday, March 4, 2014


These two love each other a lot. Macy held Anna's hand today for the first time and she (Macy) loved it. She wanted to hold Anna's hand anytime we walked today. This picture is Macy helping Anna walk up the curb. Then Macy helped Anna walk down the stairs and looked at me with a proud smile on her face. Anna reaches up for Macy's hand when it's offered. I want to remember them like this forever. 
Anna loves to be a part of whatever Macy is doing and vice versa. They love having the other one around. If there's a time when Macy isn't home Anna runs around the house looking for her. If Macy is too shy to talk to someone or to do something but sees Anna do it, then Macy will too. They give each other love and strength. I hope that never changes. 

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Chelsey said...

That is the most precious photo! I can't wait for Claire and Carly to feel that sisterly love.