Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mommy daughter date

Macy and I went to the mall together today for our date. She requested ice cream so we got her a cone at McDonalds for $1.06. As she ate it we chatted. I found out she wants her new room (in a house we have yet to buy) to be painted rainbow. She thinks Anna's room should be light green, just green. Macy wants to plant flowers in our new backyard and I can grow vegetables. 

Then we headed to Old Navy because she is down to two wearable pants. She will only wear leggings which inevitably  means holes in the knees. She told me a few days ago she wants "sticky" jeans like her friend Claire. She means skinny jeans. I'm not sure if she came up with that name because they look like they stick to your leg or if she thinks I'm saying sticky instead of skinny. Either way it's funny. I was glad she wanted something other than leggings. We picked out some jeans that have a subtle flower pattern on them. She looks adorable in them and very grown-up. 

I love this one-on-one time with my Macy. No one else is distracting me and she is in a good mood so she will talk to me. So far I have loved age 4 tremendously. Macy gets cuter and more clever every day. Macy has a very sweet nature. She shares with Anna more, plays with her more, and gives her kisses before naps and bedtime. 

I hope I can always remember this sweet four year old eating a ice cream cone! 

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