Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bedtime with Anna

We switched Anna to the toddler bed because Owen outgrew the bassinet and therefore needs the crib. She has not been doing very well at staying in her bed at night. She doesn't fall asleep until 9 or 9:30 which means she's tired and cranky during the day. I want my happy, sweet, and funny Anna back! Not the one who is always yelling and stands on Macy's head just because she wants to. (Macy was lying on the couch today and Anna came and stood on her head/hair which pulled Macy's hair. I could hear Macy screaming from out in the backyard but didn't think much of it because she often screams for no reason. I came inside to Ja taking Anna to time out and a hysterical Macy.)

Anyways, tonight was one of those nights when Anna didn't want to go to bed and either did Owen. Macy was exhausted and had gone right to sleep. 

At 9 I try putting Owen to bed again. Anna was in her bed but kept coming into Owens room which distracted him. I told her to either go in my room or her room. I just needed her to leave me alone. I finally got Owen down so I go looking for Anna but I can't find her. I texted this to Ja:

"I just had a bad scare. I was feeding Owen (who doesn't like the formula) and when came out of his room I couldn't find Anna. I walk downstairs and see the front door wide open!! I was calling her name but she didn't answer. She was really mad you weren't here to put her to bed so I had visions of her walking around outside trying to find you. Luckily I found her eating Whoppers at the black table. The only tragedy of the night is now we have a bunch of flies in the house again."

I'm so glad she's safe. I hate that she's tall enough to unlock our doors! 

I hope and pray that she will soon get the sleep she needs. In the crib she was sleeping from 7pm-at least 8 am. Now she won't fall asleep until 9/9:30 and is up at 7:30/8. That's 3 hours less sleep! I want my happy Anna back!

She fell asleep in the car like this on Tuesday. We were in the way home from the library hence the little pencil and paper. 

I was able to transfer her to the couch where she slept for almost an hour. 

I came downstairs to find her like this. She must have fallen off the couch! My poor tired girl!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Macy the little hostess

Macy had the thought that we don't have Anna's friends over very often so she wanted to have a party for Anna and her friends. I agreed with her so we planned a party. Macy had lots of ideas for games, crafts, and activities. We had to narrow her thoughts down to a few simple things. Macy wanted to play in the sprinkler, play pin the strip of paper on the wall, color, dress up, sidewalk chalk, snacks (pretzels, goldfish), and a dance party.

We weren't able to get to all those things. The day of the party was only 63 degrees so we didn't play in the sprinklers. We forgot about pin the strip of paper on the wall but we did everything else. Macy decorated our house a few days before. She put all the winter scarves around the downstairs and a couple on the chandeliers. She put winter hats on the picture frames that are on our mantel. She also put other random things around the house and called them decorations. She invited Emma, Tatum (and her brother Miles since we couldn't leave him out), Audrey, and Anna of course.

Macy was all ready to take charge of the party until the friends and moms came. Then she got a little shy. 

When the girls got there Macy took them upstairs to get dressed up as princesses. The little girls loved this!
Princess Anna and Princess Emma
Princess Tatum and Princess Macy

Princess Audrey joined the group but we lost Emma.

The sidewalk chalk didn't last too long because the kids were cold.
 Tatum said she was "told" so Macy put a jacket on her.

 A few of the kids did Macys craft. She had paper, crayons, stickers, glue, and pom poms out. Kids love gluing pom poms on paper! I could have had an actual cute craft planned but I wanted it to be all of Macy's ideas.


I guess I did persuade Macy to have cookies for the party. It was a party after all! The girls were very helpful making the cookies and frosting. They picked out the shapes to cut the sugar cookies put the sprinkles on themselves. The kids loved the cookies! (Notice the scarf on the chandelier.)

Then we had the dance party. Macy loved this and the girls all had fun. Miles was dancing along too and had some great moves! Notice the puppy hanging from the light switch on the left picture. That was one of Macy's "decorations." Macy loves being in charge so it was heaven for her to have a house of little girls to boss around. She does this in such a way that the girls love following Macy around.

The party also included a few fashion shows. Macy and the kids went upstairs by themselves and dressed up in different outfits. I had to announce who was coming down the stairs and what they were  wearing. The child would walk to the end of the living room then do a spin. It was so cute. I think they did this 3 or 4 times.

The party was a great success! The girls all loved it and no one wanted to go home. Macy is such a kind sister for thinking of Anna and her friends. Ever since the party Anna loves seeing her friends and plays with them when we see them at the park. Anna is also excited to see them at nursery. We'll have to do it again sometime!