Sunday, June 24, 2012

I've been waiting for this day...

Macy let me paint her nails!

I've asked her many times if I could paint her nails and she's never been willing. Sometimes she'll say yes but when it comes time for the brush to touch her nails she would get scared and not want it anymore. 

Why the change of heart? She saw Lily had her fingernails painted. We were swimming and Lily came with her painted nails and Macy wanted it done RIGHT then. She kept saying "Macy paint nails." I was able to talk her out of it since I obviously didn't have any nail polish at the pool.

She forgot about it for a few days but was reminded about it today. I made a side comment about the need to cut her very long nails. Since she is absolutely terrified of getting her nails cut Ja was able to get her to settle down by reminding her about painting her nails. 

We painted right after church. Macy picked out the color and sat very still the whole time. Her nails are small so it didn't take very long. She is very proud of her nails and all throughout the day would hold her hands up and say,"Macy pretty nails! Pretty nails!" It's so cute how she loves them and I love seeing her tiny hands have pink nails!

I tried painting her toe nails too while she was exciting about painting them. I did one toe before she realized that it wasn't for her. I really wish she would let me paint her toes because that one painted toe looks so cute!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Two Year Olds Cannot Be Trusted

Want to know what a 2 1/2 year old will do if given an hour of alone time? 

It looks like she made a smiley face on the box lid.

Mickey is very well lotioned up now. As is our couch, carpet, cups, water bottle, and side table. Macy emptied a bottle of lotion all over the place. But I wasn't mad at her because it's partly my fault.

I didn't sleep well the night before and I really wanted to take a nap the next day while Macy slept. She had other plans and didn't want to sleep at all (Why does that always happen?!). However, she let me lie in bed for an hour while she played. She was quiet so I thought she found the iPad and was watching videos. (She can work that thing all by herself now.) I thought to myself, "There's nothing out there that she can get hurt with so I'll just stay in bed." I didn't realize that the lotion got left out. I could smell the lotion from my room but I was so tired I wanted to keep my eyes closed for as long as possible.

After an hour was up Macy came into my room to see if I was awake. I asked her what she was doing out there. She said, "Macy lotion ribbit. Macy read ribbit book. Macy ribbit night-night." I thought that was very sweet so I walked into her room to find the frog. Luckily it only had a little bit of lotion on it since it was in her crib. Then as I walked further down the hallway I see the lotion in piles on the floor, then the couch, and Mickey. She had also poured some into sippy cups.

I was able to scoop most of it back into the bottle. I am glad that it was just lotion and a good baby smelling lotion at that. It could have been nail polish like a friend's son spilled all over their carpet. That didn't smell as nice.

Like I said, I wasn't mad at her for getting lotion all over. But now I know she can't be trusted.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

We drove west to Hartland Orchards in Markham, VA to pick us some strawberries. Neither of us had picked strawberries before so we jumped on the opportunity when the Arrington's invited us to go with them. It's like treasure hunting because the ruby red berries hide under the leaves so you have to comb through the leaves to find the treasure. I was planning on only getting 2 quarts but we had so much fun picking we got 5 instead.

Found one!

Macy did like picking the berries, for about 10 minutes. She wanted to eat them right away so I told her we have to wait until we are done so we can pay for them first. She then said, "Macy done." She enjoyed running up and down the isles after that.

SOOO delicious!

It was a beautiful farm. Look at the clouds. Don't they look fake?

On our way home we stopped for ice cream. Macy got strawberry with sprinkles. She's such a lucky girl.

Grant was walking along the yellow parking blocks so Macy wanted to follow. She couldn't quite do it without help so Grant took her hand to steady her. Isn't that sweet?

Soon after this picture Grant tripped on something and took Macy down with him. She cried a little more than he did because she scraped her knee.

When we got home we had all these wonderful berries in our kitchen. The aroma was so sweet and delicious. We ate a bunch and then froze the rest for future use. We want to pick strawberries every year now because the are about a million times better than the grocery store. They almost melt in your mouth they are so soft and delicious. Next is blueberry season! We can't wait.