Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Europe Trip

I wanted to let everyone know that our pictures of our Europe trip are posted here. I have each country in a different section. I'll write more about the trip later when I have more time. We had a great time seeing all the sights, and eating great food. 

Friday, August 22, 2008

More of Stacie & Randy

Here is a picture of Stacie & Randy walking out of the temple. Don't they look so happy?

Here is their cake which I thought was awesome. 
 A few pictures for those interested...

Friday, August 15, 2008


Here is a funny video my friend had on her blog that I wanted to share. Little kids are so cute!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Potomac River

Let's say you want to rent a canoe and travel down the Potomac River, can you do it here? Of course you can! And it's really easy. Ja and I drove about 15 minutes away to a little dock on the river, told them we wanted a canoe they gave us one, then we were off. We paddled (Ja did most of the work paddling. I paddled too, but he is much stronger.) We were having a great time enjoying the water when, just around the river bend, there was the Washington Monument. It was really cool! Once again I forgot my camera so we'll have to do it again so we can take pictures. That experience made me more excited to live in this area.

Apartment shopping has also made me more excited to come back here and live. I was a little weary of moving into another apartment, but here they are so much better than in Provo! They actually have square footage. I don't think our apartment in Provo would make it on the scale. Apartments also have dishwashers, washer and dryers, pools, fitness centers, balcony's, and walk-in closets. I'm excited for all of those things. I checked out 16 apartments in the area and made up my final 4 list. Ja hasn't seen any so we will pick "the one" later. Hopefully "the one" is available when we need it. 

1. The Ashby at McLean. Floorplan E. $1464/month. It's wouldn't be renovated, so the kitchen wouldn't be as nice as in the pictures, but it's still nice. The hallways don't stink like most places I went. 

2. Tysons Glen Apartments. The Dogwood floorplan. $1480/month. This one is renovated so the kitchen is as nice as the pictures. It has a spot for washing your car too. I thought that was an added bonus. The staff was really nice here. 

3. Fairfield Crossing. The Birch, Red Oak, or Oak floorplans. $1415-1505. This apartment is the farthest away to Tysons Corner which is why we would be able to afford a two bedroom. The W/D is in the kitchen which is a little weird. Multiple huge closets. They pay gas for cooking and hot water and sewage, but we pay $15/month for trash so it equals out. 

4. Peachtree of McLean. The 960 sp ft. floorplan.$1610/month. This one is too expensive for us, but I really liked it so I kept it on the list. I couldn't stand to throw it out. The staff was nice, the amenities are really nice, the kitchen is nice, and it has a breakfast room. But we probably won't be moving here.

Take a look if you're bored and give us your feedback!