Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ja turns 31!

We had a low-key birthday for Ja today. Ja and I went to a Sting and Paul Simon concert last night as an early present though. He had a great time and enjoyed hearing his favorite songs. 

Today Ja opened his presents from us. I got him some new shoes which look great with his new jeans Dorothy gave him. 

Ja has mentioned that his dream would be to have an extra fridge full of different kinds of soda. Good kinds of soda. So I went to bed bath and beyond and bought him 8 bottles of soda. There was root beer, key lime cream soda, cherry lime, lemon lime, grapefruit, cherry, and chocolate soda. It wasn't a fridge full, but it's a start.  We are a little worried about the chocolate flavor one. He was excited to open all those, so were the girls. 

Anna pulled a bottle out of the bag and exclaimed, "wow!"

Macy held the bottles up and said "cheese" so Anna copied her and said "cheese" too. 

I made Ja's birthday cake this year. It came from a Cooks Country magazine and it was a 3 layer cake. It was delicious, especially the frosting (probably because it had 4 sticks of butter). 

Macy picked the candles for the cake- dinosaurs. 

Macy wanted to put all the candles in so Ja aged a few years to be 37. 

We had a few friends come over for cake and ice cream to celebrate. Ja's one request was we sing an upbeat Happy Birthday which we did. I didn't record it but it sounded happy!

Ja is such a wonderful dad, husband, and friend. I'm glad we were able to celebrate him and show him our love and support. 

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Chelsey said...

Happy Birthday (pie day) Ja! Great cake, wish I could have tasted a slice. I was definitely missing you guys last Friday. We would have LOVED to party with you!