Monday, January 28, 2013

Anna's first cereal

I noticed Anna was interested in food lately. She watches me put food into my mouth and opens hers like she wants some. So at five months old we have her rice cereal for the first time.

To my surprise she liked it!

First I tried sitting Anna in the bumbo seat. She seemed to like it but slowly slouched over to the point she could lick the arm rests. I guess she needs to strengthen her torso a little more before we do feedings in it.
She's not sleeping- the flash is a little too bright

Macy loves and adores Anna

I love this picture of my girls.

Anna being a big girl!

Anna loves to smile, just not for the camera
 This was after her first few bites of cereal. I made it very thin with breast milk so it was like she was drinking milk from a spoon. But hey, she did it and liked it. And her face was pretty clean too!

Of course Macy wanted to try her hand at feeding Anna. Of course, she had to sit in the bumbo in order to do it.

I think Macy stuck the spoon a little too far in Anna's mouth.

That's better Macy. Anna liked the cereal for the next few days too. I found that it has to be very thin for her to eat it, otherwise she spits it out. Good job Anna! This is one step in the right direction!

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