Friday, January 20, 2012

Cute Macy Things

I'm hoping to make smaller posts on the daily things Macy does that are so cute. Hopefully I can keep it up.

Lately she has LOVED reading to me. She sits down, pats the ground or chair where she wants me to sit and says, "Mom, come." (She's started calling me mom now instead of mommy. Can she be that old already?!) I sit and she "reads" to me. I love hearing her voice, seeing her facial expressions change, and hearing her version of the story. If I ever try to say anything about the book or ask her questions she says, "No, Macy." That's her way of saying, "I'm telling the story!"

As expected, she is starting to have her own opinion on things and wants to do things her way. Lately she's been more compliant and it's been pleasant. For example, this morning I wanted to wash her blanket. She said no and wouldn't let me take it so I said "Ok, I'll have to wash it later." I walked to the washing machine and I hear her say, "Yes! Yes!" and she brought me the blanket. It's so easy to get her to do things when she thinks they are her idea. Like taking a bath, for instance. She hates it but sometimes we can trick her into thinking it's her idea then she's fine with it.

She continue to talk so much and learns to much everyday. I love listening to her version of things. She still loves listening to us telling her the "story" of her day.

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Chelsey said...

She is growing up! I wish she would come read to Truman, that would be cute.