Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beach House 2009

We were lucky enough to go with friends and family to a beach house in Ventura for a week. On Monday I get an email sent to my phone with this subject: Hope you don't mind, and this picture:
Ja decided to buy a surfboard (I knew I should've went with him to the store!). 

It was a good purchase because he used it all the time and any time he wasn't surfing he was teaching someone else to surf. He had a 100% success rate. Jill, Zack, Jesse, Kenny, and Bryce were all able to stand up surfing.

Ja and his surfing buddy Josh.

Some people went boogie boarding, kayaking, and surfing. That water was way too cold for me so I didn't even try to get in. I spent most of my time reading in the sun, luckily I had a lot of people to sit with me. 

We spent most of our nights playing cards and talking. It was so much fun to get to know people better from my home ward and spend time with old friends. Beach vacations are always to relaxing it was really hard to come home!

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Chelsey said...

Ahhhhhh beach house sounds like heaven right now. I love how Ja decided to break the news to you of buying a surf board. And by the way, he is a great teacher, so I am not surprised that everyone he taught was able to stand up surfing.