Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Our little playgroup had a little Easter egg hunt for the little kiddos. Each mom was supposed to bring 6 eggs per child to hide. Well, pretty much all of us brought 10 per kid so the kids had plenty of eggs to find. Macy has a tiny Easter basket so her 10 eggs couldn't all fit inside. She loved the hunt and especially loved all the candy that was inside the eggs. I think she ate it all within 2 days. I let her eat as much as she wanted. I feel like it's better to get rid of it sooner so she doesn't ask for candy everyday of her life. (Because she does if she knows we have candy hidden some where.)

Macy was really into saying cheese and showing me her basket.

Mark and Caleb enjoyed the hunt to. Mark found one egg and didn't want to put anymore in his basket. I eventually put the eggs in there for him.

An Egg!
 Lily searching for her eggs.

Lily looking cute and Macy caught in the middle of her song and dance routine.

This was our best attempt at the cousin photo. Macy wouldn't stand any closer to the other kids and luckily we caught Mark's face. He was so interested in his candy we couldn't get him to turn around.

Tiffany is saying, "Show me your eggs!"

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