Wednesday, April 4, 2012

End of March wrap up

I've already posted most the pictures for most of March but here are more cute pictures I wanted to share. Macy continues to be happy most of the time. A few days ago she threw a fit because she didn't want me to wear socks. We all have our moments don't we?

Macy loves to stand on her little chair and take rubber bands out of a bag and place them on top of our printer. After all the rubber bands are out she stuffs them all into the tray where the paper comes out. She also does this with paper clips and it can entertain her for quite a while so I let her have at it.

Macy got to open her Easter present from Granny Dot a week early. She was so excited to open the gift! As she opened something I told her to show me and she held everything in front of her face and said cheese. We worked on that until she held it above her head and said cheese. As you can tell, she loved everything in the bag!
A book to help us celebrate Easter
I put this picture up in Macy's room and every time she sees it she says, "Macy, Henry, Charlie!"
A picture of Macy, Henry, and Charlie playing Granny Dot's organ.

Easter pencil
I love that little nose so much!
I left two pieces of candy in the bag and they were eaten into about two seconds.

Easter grass is so fun to throw around.

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