Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Celebrating Mother's in Preschool

Macy had preschool today and she came home with my most favorite artwork from her preschool days. They talked about mothers and families and the "teacher" had them each answer questions about their moms. Here are Macy's answers:
My mom is 14 years old (I think she recently learned that number)
My mothers favorite color is pink and blue
My mother's favorite food is salad (I do always get salad at Cafe Rio)
My mothers favorite song is Twinkle little star
My mothers favorite place to go is the zoo (that's what another little boy said and she copied him. Although I do enjoy going there)
My mothers favorite thing to do with me is play with me (so sweet! I should play with her more!)
My mother is the best ever because her loves me (super sweet! Melts my heart)

On the way home from preschool I asked these questions again and Macy said all the same answers so that proves their validity. 

Macy also drew this picture of me and I am totally impressed. All the sudden she can draw people! And apparently she wrote "mommy" all on her own! She is so talented.

This was a scribble drawing on the back of the mommy picture but I think it's kind of pretty.
It's been great having Macy in preschool and doing cute things like this. She only has two more weeks left and I'm sad!

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