Saturday, May 4, 2013

Leesburg Animal Park

There was an online deal for a place called Leesburg Animal Park. We had never been before but it sounded fun and friends said they liked it. After going I can saw we really like it too. It's a low key place where the kids can actually feed the animals out of their hands and walk along side the animals. Macy was timid at first but soon warmed up. A little. She was much more open to the idea of animals eating food out of her hand the second time we went. Now she climbs into the crib and pretends to be different animals and I have to feed her with a flat palm.

There's a "contact area" where you can walk around with the sheep, goats, donkey, lamas, and pig. The animals are all very friendly, with the lamas being the most friendly. They walk right up to you and since they are taller they are pretty much face to face with me. As you can tell from this picture Macy wasn't too thrilled with the animals coming close. She's holding her legs up so the animals don't touch her.

The animal she was okay touching was the horse Quinn. She loved riding this little horse in a circle. She was so happy and cute too.

Then it was off to the playground area. It has a wooden train and Macy and Ja took turns being the engineer and announcing where the train was going.

This place also had a bounce house and wagon ride. We did the wagon ride to see the zebras but Macy was too scared to jump in the bounce house.

 This is the second trip we made to the park. Macy was a lot more open to petting the animals. Here she is petting the baby goat named Little Debbie.

Macy loved riding the horsey so much we had to do it again. She was so funny and called her Quinn. I love that they are on a first name basis now.

In the contact area this donkey was pretty forceful. He would walk into Ja with his nose and keep nudging him until Ja would give him food.

Macy wanted to feed the duck. She sat here saying, "Here ducky! Come get some food ducky!"

She was great at feeding the little goats. I had to distract the big goat because it scared her a little bit.

And here is Anna having a staring contest with the mama goat. The goat tried to eat Anna's sock but was luckily too far away to get it.

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