Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Wrap Up

My little Anna got sick. She had a really high fever (got up to 103.7) and she threw up three times. I couldn't believe how hot her little body felt. She got a lot of baths for those few days of fever in attempt to cool her down. I took pictures of how rosy her cheeks were and of course Macy had to jump in. They are so darn cute!

I love this one so much. I feel like Anna is saying, "Do you see what I have to deal with?!" Anna's cheeks are really that red, I didn't change anything about this photo.

Rosy cheeks
 This snot sucker saved our lives. Anna was not sleeping (by not sleeping I really mean not sleeping!) at night because she couldn't breathe very well. Heather let us borrow this and I was amazed by how much snot we could get out of her nose! Thick green mucus-y snot too. It's not wonder why she couldn't breathe. We enjoyed a much better sleep that night. I can't believe we waited two nights to try this!

Macy's flower that she planted from seed started to sprout.

I caught Macy reading books to Anna- who seems to really enjoy it.

I love my two girls so much. I love that they became instant best friends.

Towards the end of the month we had a few warm days so we walked to Safeway.

Daddy bought Macy a tricycle. She didn't know how to pedal a bike so he bought this for her so she could get used to that motion. She enjoys it for a few minutes then makes me carry it home because her "legs are sore."

We took a preschool field trip to Meadowlark Gardens. It drizzled the whole time and the kids were having a ball running around so this was the only picture I got. 

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