Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My last day teaching Macy's co-op Preschool

Here's the email I sent to the other moms:

We had a fun time on Tuesday. I can't believe I'm done teaching! It was a bitter sweet day. They are ver cute and I'll miss this little group! Each child has his or her own personality and it was fun to watch them interact. 

We did all the circle time things and I had each child pick a book we were going to read later. I'm still impressed with how well they all attentively listen to a story! One time I was having a hard time getting them to be quiet so I experimented. I started whispering asking them to be quiet because I was going to read. Then I started reading in a quiet voice and they all got really quiet! That was so much easier than trying to talk over them. 

We did a letter hunt then put the letters A-M all in order. They love singing the ABC song! 

We talked about our oval shape and colored in their Oval Book. I had them work on their fine motor skills by having them cut the outside lines of their book.

We did the letter matching worksheet and Emma is very good with her letters. She finished very quickly. I know Owen also knows his letters but he kept saying he needed help. Probably because I was helping James out. Hallie made sure everyone had an H for Hallie. They did really well with this.

We painted and once again the kids were very neat. No spilled paint or big messes.

We enjoyed some playing time and the kids are helpful with putting toys away. Although I didn't have them put stuff away when you guys arrived to the huge mess :)

Before our final play time I wanted to get a few group shots. They are all the same pose on the couch because it was hard enough to get them all on there so I didn't want to lose them while changing locations.  I had them make different faces:





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