Monday, April 8, 2013

A Successful General Conference Weekend

We were able to listen to all 4 sessions of conference this past weekend! I couldn't believe how well Macy did. Saturday was the most successful because Anna slept during the 2 sessions and they were new to Macy.

I did a few things to help get Macy excited to watch and listen. I did a quick FHE lesson the Monday before where I told Macy we would be watching the Prophet and Apostles speak to us. I showed her the fold-out insert from the last conference with all the head shot pictures of the Apostles and the Quorum of the Seventy. We taped it onto our bookcase next to the TV. She knows who President Monson is from other pictures we have and since she's been into the Lamb of God movie she has heard of Apostles before. That helped to make conference seem less foreign.

Saturday morning I printed out some Conference bingo sheets from the church website. As we listened we would notice the topics the speaker talked about and color in the correct square. Macy was actually good at picking out words. We would say, "Baptism! Macy, let's color in the baptism square!" so she would sit and yell out words like "Kingdom of God, mommy!" or "Jesus, mommy!" It was very cute and now we know she was actually listening. Probably not comprehending but listening. We said whoever got five in a row first wins. Ja would have won because he needed only one more square but he stopped coloring after the first session. As you can see from the picture Macy had me color in her pictures. She told me that she couldn't color after her first picture. But she did pick out the colors :)

Macy was very good at circling the person who was speaking on our fold-out insert. She would look at the person and say, "He has white hair and glasses." I would guide to her the row the man was on and eventually the actual picture too. They do all sort of look alike- balding, glasses, old. She would get a little mad when the man wasn't wearing the same color tie as his picture. She circled President Uchtdorf each time he went up the session he conducted so he's been circled a lot. I think I'll do this one again because she really enjoyed it. If a new speaker came on and I didn't say anything she'd say, "Mom we got to circle the picture!"

Macy got some candy after watching for an hour. We went on a walk in between sessions which helped get the wiggles out.

Since we had success with the Bingo sheets Saturday I didn't want to press my luck with them on Sunday too. I had the idea to print off some outlines of ties to color in. We would color them the color the speaker was wearing. Macy liked this idea but once again after coloring one she said she couldn't color and had me do them. I think she doesn't like coloring within the lines. We only did this for part of the first session. After that Macy was content doing other things so I didn't want to disrupt her since she was happy. 
This was Macy's

Macy did color the last few on my paper for me. I guess she decided to circle the whole page with her pen.
This was mine

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