Thursday, April 11, 2013

30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me Series

I found an article on Pinterest that has a list of 30 different questions that I should answer about myself. I thought it would be fun to write them on our blog since this is my journal that I hope my kids read one day. I guess I'm starting a series called "30 things my kids should know about me" and I'll write a post whenever I can.

The first question: List 20 random facts about myself.

1. I have a dead tooth that has been dead for a long time. I've had 4 visits now to the endodontist to get a root canal and he still isn't done. Apparently the canal is very calcified. And it's a difficult case.

2. I like writing down our activities and travels (as if you couldn't tell already).

3. I like eating potato chips in my tuna sandwiches.

4. I love ice cream.

5. I'm not sure if my hair was curly all my life. It could have been but I always brushed it out.

6. I was born with extra weird shaped teeth that had to be extracted.

7. I was born missing a top lateral incisor tooth. The other one was extracted to make my mouth even.

8. Most nights I must read before going to sleep.

9. I didn't know General Conference was on Saturday until I went to college.

10. I didn't think I would live anywhere outside of California after college.

11. I love living in Virginia.

12. The first race I ever ran was Ragnar in 2011.

13. I struggle with parallel parking.

14. I like to sing when no one is listening.

15. I enjoy hanging out with friends (with and without kids).

16. If I could go back to college I would major in teaching health in high school.

17. I enjoy cooking for other people.

18. My favorite city is Paris. Or New York City. Or London.

19. I never had allergies until age 27 in our 4th spring in Virginia.

20. I enjoy going to the beach to go to the beach. Not in the water. The water is too cold and I don't want to loose a contact.

I enlisted Ja to do this project with me too.

1. My ears are crooked.

2. I had shingles at age 14.

3. I had a boil on my nose.

4. I had appendicitis at age 11. I was at Greg and Holly's wedding reception when I got sick.

5. I had two gum graphs from my receding gum line.

6. I have more hair than I thought I would at age 30.

7. I jumped on trampolines for my 30th birthday.

8. I wanted to be a professional magician and manufacturing engineer.

9. I think Accounting is cool in theory but lame in real life.

10. I am a terrible artist.

11. I love the gospel and the history of the church.

12. I love starting exercise programs and make it a point not to finish them.

13. I love skate boarding.

14. I played varsity basketball in high school.

15. I have many hobbies. And love them all.

16. I love propping my feet up on anything. When I sit down my feet go up.

17. I had purple hair in seventh grade.

18. I was on the ballroom dance team in 9th grade.

19. I have clammy hands. Had it my whole life and I hate it.

20. I like building things.

That was fun! Hope you all enjoy it!

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tiffanybaer said...

What a fun idea! I didn't know all those things about both of you, but it's fun to know random facts that would probably never come up in conversation :)