Thursday, April 4, 2013

National Kite Festival

Saturday was the National Kite Festival on the National Mall. The kite festival is part of the Cherry Blossom festival which sadly have yet to show their blossoms. I knew we had to go since Macy is so into kites right now. After making sure Brigham was taken to the hospital and things were somewhat calm with Holly we left to the festival. We didn't want to be selfish but there were a lot of people there and we didn't want to add to the chaos.

We took the metro, which Macy calls the choo-choo train and loves. You have to take metro down there on days like this otherwise you'll be driving around for an hour trying to find parking like some friends did.
Anna gave the kites a thumbs up!
We found a great spot to fly our kites and Macy's little kite shot right up into the air. It's a great kite!
I love watching her hold her kite up.

She wanted my glasses because the sun hurt her eyes
Once we got that settled she said she needed to go potty so I walked her and Anna to the closest museum. Ja stayed back and got the kite sting all tangled.
He said the knot was three times this size in the beginning
As we walked back to Ja Macy saw some people sitting on a blanket so she wanted to have a picnic too. We had to get the kites put away then find a shady spot per her request. We sat on Anna's little blanket and ate snacks. Then it was off to see "stuff" because Macy didn't want to fly her kite anymore.
getting our picnic all set up
apparently Anna didn't like the picnic
We wandered over to the Washington Monument where the official kite festival activities were happening. Things were winding to a close so Macy and Ja found a good kite flying spot in the roped off area. 
I love how little she is compared to her daddy

I couldn't believe how many people were there! The beautiful blue sky was full of colorful kites.

We then headed back to the metro and stopped to get Macy an ice cream and Ja and I got hot dogs at the nearest truck. We sat on some steps of a building and ate our snacks. Macy saw some pigeons and was excited that the birds are back. Awhile ago we talked about the birds flying south for the winter so whenever she sees a bird she says, "Mommy, it's spring!" My favorite part of the whole day was sitting on those steps with her and hearing her say under her breath, "Don't step on the birds!" talking to the pedestrians walking by. She's so sweet to think about those pigeons.

Another great weekend activity in D.C.!

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