Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Co-op Preschool Today

Here's the email I sent the other mom's about the preschool I taught today:

We had a good time at preschool this morning. I'm sure it wasn't as much fun as Katrina's last day (Macy asked all week if we were wearing pajamas at our preschool) but the kids did great.

We sang the hello song and the baby bumble bee song to open.

I love doing show and tell. The kids are so excited to show off their toy but they only perform the "show" part. They hold their toy out proud for all to see. They do say what it is and that's it. Macy did show her bunny and said, "This is my bunny I sleep with" (which she doesn't but whatever). I asked the kids if they had any questions for her and James asked, "Do you make your bunny jump?" Good question. Macy answered with, "No, it hops." James was so excited about his monster slippers and put them on for us. He said his mommy got them for him at the sale. Owen showed his Mater and had him vroom around the room. Emma was so excited about her singing Rapunzel. Hallie was also very excited about her play ice cream in a cup. 

We talked about 10, counted to 10, counted our ten fingers, and counted our 10 toes. Emma took her socks off to count her toes so I asked Owen if he wanted to take his socks off too. He said, "No, my mommy told me to keep them on." He was listening Brienne :) Before counting the toes I asked the kids how many toes they have. James looked at his feet with his monster slippers and said he had 3 toes. And in fact his slippers did. Owen thought it was hilarious to say we have 5 fingers and 5 toes. It's funny when kids know they are being funny. I guess we are born with a sense of humors. Then we did the 1,2 buckle my shoe rhyme. I had some strips of paper numbered 1-10 that were all mixed up and they had to put them in order to make the picture. They did great.

Onto the letter Z. We made the Z sound and talked about words that start with Z. We had a Z hunt and the kids each found a letter Z. I meant to have them make Z's with q-tips on a worksheet but I forgot.

Then we did the star shape. I picked random shapes out of the bag and asked if each one were a star. They are getting very good with shapes! We counted the 5 points of the star. Then we had star shaped cookies and apples for snack. They are such good eaters!

They played for a little while I set up the paint and pots on the table. We painted the pots and the kids did amazingly well with the paints. I reminded then we had to be very careful with the paint and they listened. I don't think a single drop was spilled. I'm glad I remembered to take pictures. I did forget to take a group shot so hopefully next week we can do that on our field trip. We let them dry while we continued.


All done! I love that smile!



Silly James

We then read some books about planting flowers. One was called A Rainbow Garden and Owen told us he ate rainbow pasta for dinner. We then read a book about seeds. I bought 5 different seed packets and each kid picked one they wanted to examine. We talked about what the fruit or vegetable looked like and they guessed what the seed would look like. We opened the bag up and felt, smelled, and looked at each kind of seed. Hallie added a fourth sense and ate a couple too. The carrot seed smells really good! The others were odor less. 

I made a poster about the 4 things seeds need to grow: dirt, water, sun, air. We talked about each of those. 
I also had pictures of the 4 special steps we were going to take to plant our seeds: fill pot with dirt, make a hole, put seeds in, water the seeds.

We took a field trip downstairs and planted our Zinnias. (For the letter of the day) Hopefully they will sprout within 7-10 days. We went over the things seeds need to grow and talked about putting their pots in a good place at home.

Since they asked very nicely if they could play on the playground I said yes. And because they were very neat with the dirt and no one spilled. We played for a few minutes then it was time to go home!

I'll get in touch with you about next weeks field trip.

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