Sunday, April 14, 2013

Picking Flowers for Grandma

Macy saw a bunch of yellow flowers outside and wanted to pick some. She needed a bucket to hold all the flowers she was going to pick. She told me they were for her grandma.

She was so adorable picking these flowers. The bees also liked these flowers which made Macy a little scared. We had to find a few new patches of flowers after a bee flew by.
After picking she wanted to put her flowers in some water. I had the little dixie cups which worked out perfectly for her little flowers.

Filling up the cups and putting the flowers in the water was just as much fun as picking the flowers.


She was so proud of her work.

Macy told me that her flowers needed to be in the sun. She very carefully carried each cup to the windowsill so the flowers could get sun. She didn't spill any water!

So there you have it grandma- virtual flowers picked by Macy!

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tiffanybaer said...

Macy is so darn sweet! She looks all grown up and seems like so much fun to do things with. She just enjoys life and all the wonders (like yellow flowers and dixie cups) around her.