Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter!

We had a very eventful Easter weekend. The Monday before Easter I explained the Easter bunny to Macy. I told her he comes to our house and fills her basket with candy and toys then he hides it somewhere for her to find it. He's a tricky bunny! All week she would either tell me or ask me about the bunny Easter being tricky and that she would find her basket. She still calls him the bunny Easter.

It started off with an Easter egg hunt at the church for play group. Macy was very, very excited about this. I couldn't get a picture of her face because she was too excited to stop and look. She followed her friend Oliver around but was very selective in her egg pickings. We was supposed to pick 10 but ended up with only 7 and I think I put 3 in there. After counting the eggs we went back inside and she proceeded to eat all the candy. Luckily one egg had stickers instead.

She ran around very happily
Checking out the candy
Saturday Holly and Greg had their annual egg hunt. In all the years we've lived here this is the first time we could actually do it outside. It was a beautifully warm day. Once again Macy was very excited to get more eggs and more candy. After the hunt the kids picked a bucket and we did another kind of hunt as a service project. We collected little pieces of roofing paper that had fallen off their neighbors roof onto the grass. The kids seemed to like this hunt just as much as the eggs. Holly's mom was visiting and she brought kites for the kids to play with. Luckily we had Macy's kite in the car so all the kids ran around the street trying to get their kite to fly. It wasn't very windy so this was comical to watch.
Our adorable little family

She's a good egg finder now
Her spoils
Then the kids jumped on the trampoline and Brigham broke his leg. Ja was on it with them and he called 911 and the ambulance came and got B. That was not the kind of excitement we wanted but Brigham was very brave through it all. He ended up having to get surgery to help his bones set.

Easter Sunday was a nice day. Macy woke up and wanted to find her basket that the tricky bunny Easter hid. She walked out her door to find little bunny footprints going around the house. She found Anna's basket first then found "clues" that helped her find her basket. We didn't put any clues out. She found things that were on the floor and thought they were clues. She's so funny.
So excited about her basket!
We enjoyed a great Sunday at church. The talks were very good and the music was great. The stake hand bell choir performed in our ward that day which was nice to hear. Oh, and Macy was the reverence child that morning! For whatever reason she loves to stand in front of the chapel or primary room. Maybe she thinks she's the teacher. For someone who is very shy she doesn't get shy when she's in teacher mode. She stood very reverently folding her arms on the stand. Ja said he couldn't see her folding her arms because the wall covered her up since she's so small. I sat in the chairs behind her at her request and she would occasionally look back at me with a big smile. She loved it so much.

On the way home from church Macy told us what she learned in primary. She said Jesus died so we can live again. He was wrapped in cloth and an angel came. And Mary was there. I was quite impressed with her memory! So cute. She also sang I Am a Child of God.

After church Macy wanted to watch a movie so I said we could watch an Easter movie. I was thinking about The Lamb of God since that's about Christ's death and resurrection. I pull it out and Macy said, "Where's the bunny Easter?" Sadly I realized we hadn't taught her the most important part of Easter. We had a little Easter lesson followed by the movie. We watched The Lamb of God and Macy loved it. We watched a few times. At the right parts Macy would say, "Jesus died." I would ask her why and she would reply, "So we can live again." She was concerned the angel didn't appear in the movie and she didn't like it when Christ was getting whipped. I found Finding Faith in Christ so we watched that one a few times also. Since it's also about Christ's death and resurrection she would say, "This is like the other movie!" when scenes were similar. We'll have to pull those movies out more often. She really liked watching them.

For dinner we went to Cassidy's house and enjoyed a very delicious dinner. Trevor's rolls were definitely the winning food on the table. Everything was delicious and the evening was very enjoyable. The night ended with Macy dressed as Snow White reading with Luc. She did not want to go home and kept saying, "No mom! Five more minutes!"

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